Windows XP - Royal Luna Themes *Sticky?*

Discussion in 'Heavenly Visions & Echoes' started by MrSpock2002, Jun 23, 2007.

  1. MrSpock2002

    MrSpock2002 Because I said so!

    I've been asked to host this file from another site, since the original author no longer hosts it.

    It's an upgrade to the windows Luna theme, with several added colors, and a slimmer task bar.

    Put this into your windows/resources/theme folder.


    To enable the use of msstyles other then the default M$ ones you need to replace the uxtheme.dll.

    To do this please go to

    This will enable you to use third party msstyles.

    *NOTE* I'm not responsible for any trouble this hacked file may give you. Though millions of users have done this, including me and have not had any trouble.

    Also, using msstyles entails you not having to have a program running to change your theme, like windows blinds, etc. That means no system resources get used up. These thems are exactly like the default M$ ones, but look different.

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  2. MIG-31

    MIG-31 HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    Very Nice.... The black theme suits my pc.

    Thanks for the heads up :)

    + Rep left for this info.
  3. Judas

    Judas Obvious Closet Brony Pony

    Is that the theme you posted in another thread with?
  4. MIG-31

    MIG-31 HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    It is the same theme that he posted in In Offtopic. I noticed it shortly after i posted the previous reply.
  5. EZero

    EZero New Member

    Is there supposed to be a .theme file because I can't select it in the appearance tab of my display settings.

    I looked at the file structure in the themes folder and it seems the 2 default themes have a .theme file in that folder.
  6. MIG-31

    MIG-31 HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    Download and extract the Winrar file.

    Enter the unzipped file which will be named RoyalMod (unless you changed that).

    Double click the 'Visual Style.EXE' tag.This will enter the files into the relevent place.Then Close the page.

    Right Click on the desktop and select Properties.Select the 'Appearence Tag'

    You should see the options there.All the colours for this theme is selectable there.

    This way the original file can't be deleted.
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  7. EZero

    EZero New Member

    Well all I see in there is a file named RoyalMod.msstyles and even when i double click that it brings up my display settings and automatically goes to the appearance tab. But even if I do that I can still only select Windows Classic and Windows XP under Windows and buttons.

    Any clue as to whats going on?

    Just so you know right now the Royamod folder is already located in C:\Windows\Resources\Themes and i ran the msstyles file from there.
  8. mike2h

    mike2h New Member

  9. MIG-31

    MIG-31 HardwareHeaven News Mod Staff Member

    I just double clicked this file (image below) which is within the extracted file,and it comes up with the options.

  10. EZero

    EZero New Member

    Yeah that's weird, probably something wrong with my end. Oh well I guess I'll figure it out later. Thanks for the help.
  11. MrSpock2002

    MrSpock2002 Because I said so!

    I just edited the post, see the top to re read.
  12. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    Thanks! It's always good to changeup the theme/styles every now and again. I also like installing a few extra themes for clients. Just a little something extra from me to go along with all the software I give them too.

    At the moment I'm using one called 'Razor2', which is an XP theme based on Vistas Razor.
  13. EZero

    EZero New Member

    yup that did it, thanks!
  14. MrSpock2002

    MrSpock2002 Because I said so!

    This really could use a sticky, so I don't have to bump it :).
  15. mike2h

    mike2h New Member

    while it is nice, dont think it warrants a sticky. if there is enough interest it will get 'bumped'.
    bty it works just fine for me, np.
  16. MrSpock2002

    MrSpock2002 Because I said so!

    Well I've had a box full of PM's, were talking 52 total lol. So I know there is ALOT of interest. I just thought it would be easier to have it on top.
  17. BiGBrOwNPimpsta

    BiGBrOwNPimpsta HH's #1 Hustla and Pimp

    i love windows aero now, so goodbye to the default MCE theme
  18. MrSpock2002

    MrSpock2002 Because I said so!

    Just a "bump"

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