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Discussion in 'Flame Warzone' started by Tipstaff, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Tipstaff

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    I am going to rant, and rave here, cuz I am just so fucking pissed off at the moment, and yes... Tipstaff is going to use uncensored profanity.. so :p.

    Wouldn't you know, I just spend $500 on new parts, and I have to possibley replace something that costs more than that. WTF?!?! :mad:

    I just bought a 200Gig Seagate EDIE hard drive, and a Vantec NexStar external case to go along with it. Then, I scope this great deal on a VP191b-2 LCD from my supplier for $585 (remember.. Canuck buck). Expensive, but managed to sell off my old VP171b-2 for $75 less than I paid for it. Sweeett! I'll take it.

    I get everything running sweet.. hooked up the new monitor, formated the new drive, and decided to partake in the splendor of 19" LCD heaven. Then... then the shit hits the fan. I get through 1 level of UT2K4, and 1 minute into the 2nd level.. graphics go all haywire. Corrupted graphics everywhere. FUCK ME!!! FUCK ME!!! So, I shut down for a bit, then reboot thinking it's just heat. Nope. Drivers? Nope. Another part of the system? Nope. Monitor? Nope. Video card fried? Lets make sure.. test it in another machine... yep.. fucking video card. Fucking RAMDAC is toast. I know it. God damnit.

    So, here I am.. shitting my pants thinking, "Yep, never fails for something to fuckup at the wrong time". Battlefield 2 less than 2 weeks away, and a brand new monitor just waiting to be raped by Guild Wars or UT2K4, and I can't do jack shit cuz my backup is a stinking Geforce 2 Ultra... ok.. so I can play Guild Wars... but shit!! I can buy a new card.. that's not the problem. It would just leave me with an itty bitty, tiny bank account balance for the next 2 months.

    God damnit, I really don't need this shit!

    ATI you better fucking RMA this!! um.. please? Pretty please?:tears:

    GARGHG!!! FUCCKKKK!:mad::mad::mad:
  2. digerati

    digerati Everyones life has worth

  3. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    <sigh> This sucks.. at least I was wrong about 1 thing.. my backup.. it's a Geforce 3 Ti200... so that's.. ok.. I guess.

    What really sucks (besides a pooched card.. which really FUCKING SUCKS.. ahem) is that I could have sold my 865 board and CPU today for what I paid for it. Then, I could have bought a new system, plus get a PCIE card to replace it. Damnit..

    What else could fucking go wrong? :mad:

    Oh, I know.. I still have to buy a power supply for my new case.. ooohh.. and I haven't paid for that yet either. Keeps getting better and better. Now I'll have to wait 5 hours to find out what ATI will do, cuz evidently, dumbass me, I've suddenly realized this is an OEM card from them... ohohohoh oho...

    GARGH!!! :mad::mad:

    Time for a little sig editing... might make me feel better...
  4. Drakon

    Drakon New Member

    I understand your frustration and anger, Tip. Something similar happened to me a few mths back. My X-Connect PSU suddenly died on me one day in March. So I contacted Ultra and they sent me a replacement. I accepted it (reluctantly) and bought the OCZ Powerstream 520w to use instead. Great! No more random reboots and such with this PSU. Then low and behold... My 19" monitor of 4yrs just ups and dies on me out of the blue 2weeks later. So after shelling out the money for a new PSU, I had to shell out more money for a new monitor. Put everything on the good ol' cc, which is going to be a pain in the ass to clear... Oh well.
  5. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    Oh Hesus, Oh Hesus, Oh Hesus, Oh Hesus, I shouldn't have done that.. Oh Hesus..

    Don't ever play Guild Wars on a Geforce 3 Ti200 unless you have a CRT.. cuz playing it on an LCD.. well.. let's put it this way... in order to play the game I have to run it in something other than 1280x1024 with 4xAA on (ATI you damn well better RMA this, cuz I can't take this shit!!). To get this to run right now I have to pick 1024x768 (max I can do actually). By doing so the game looks like.. well.. it's like making love to a beautiful woman, and then you almost want to castrate yourself after you see what she really looks like with all her makeup off. It's that fucking disgusting.

    Thank Hesus ATI is just up the street from me. I don't think I could wait very long to get this card RMA'd. I can tell you this though: they will hate me... cuz I'm gonna bug them every day until I get it back. Every fucking da...

    Oh look! The "Punch Geoge Dubya" Bush ad is playing again. Stress relief time!
  6. pr0digal jenius

    pr0digal jenius Delete Me

    ouch...that sucks man...seems like Murphy's law is alive and kickin :(
  7. yoda133113

    yoda133113 New Member

    *Looks at tipstaff, thinks about pointing and laughing, but no that would be wrong, then sheds a tear :'( for tipstaff as the realization as how bad tipstaffs backup is*

    But seriously good luck, you're gonna need it.
  8. Sandok

    Sandok New Member

    dude i got something like that too.... god i fuckin hate it.... Okay, anyways i got a cool HIS X800XT IceQ and my first card makes a racket... immediately the next day i go get it replaced from the shop. they give me another one and it works okay for three weeks before that fuckin fan on the vid card dies. since i want to keep my warrenty intact, i decide to RMA it. So i go to the shop who will RMA it for me. I gave it three fuckin weeks ago and still nothing. Nothing. I'm really starting to crack. The day my card died began the trip, I had JUST gotten Guild Wars... So right now I'm on a fuckin Dell Latitude D400 and this thing can't even run anything. CSS, Guildwars on minimum, NOTHING. I get the BSOD and I'm really starting to get fucking pissed. 3 weeks just roaming DH and waiting for a call from the shop to get my fuckin video card. Gonna have to wait 1 more week till next tuesday to see if I have my card back... I really really wanna play (and you at least got a replacement card... I don't, nothing, zilch! grrrrrrrrrrr)
  9. swatX

    swatX ba|\|\|ed

    simillar thing happened to me.. Curropt graphics and shit.. i am sure ATI will RMA it hoever be ready to wait for a long long time till you get back your graphics card.

    i mean if the parts arent replacable then ATI might just replace it with a refurchised card or a brand new one. you never know
  10. Zelig

    Zelig New Member

    Heh, when I was putting together my pci-express rig, I got all the pieces about 2 weeks before the video card, so I was running an ATI Rage card in the pci slot for that time.
  11. Tipstaff

    Tipstaff Well-Known Member

    Thankfully, at least according to their records, my card is a "Built by ATI" card, and is listed as a "Retail" card... not gonna correct them on that point. It says what it says in their database, so, who am I to dispute them? At any rate, I got my RMA number, so I should be able to drop this puppy off to them tomorrow. Thankfully they're only 20 mins away, so I won't have to suffer long.. that is.. unless they determine it's my fucking fault. Then my (and their) suffering will really start.... 10+ days for repair turnaround.. I'm going to go nuts.. ok.. more nuts than I already am.

    God damnit... I was so stoked to play BF2 THE DAY it came out.. fuck! Think I might tell my customer he's gonna have to wait a week to get his PC while I do some more... um.. testing on it. <sigh> ok.. maybe not.. I'd probably get even more pissed off.....

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