Writing my second book now, another anthology

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    So I'm on to my second anthology now, and I'm glad to announce that it will be illustrated by my good friend Barb Dunn who is also an artist and has been for the last few decades, I'm really excited as this will add a whole new level of depth to my book.

    You can find my first poetry book which is a chapbook on Amazon entitled Super Mega Awesome Chapbook here in ebook form and the paperback version can be found here. :)

    Here is one poem from my first book that I especially like, entitled "Power".


    Some have a lot while others have a little

    It has the ability to make things in its way brittle

    Too much of it will corrupt one absolutely

    While too little will leave one at others mercy

    Many are driven to seek it all their lives

    Even if it means neglecting husbands or wives

    In and of itself it will not grant happiness

    In fact it may lead to a state of moodiness

    The truth is one will want more and more

    The more and more of it he is able to score

    And at the end of the day it can be dangerous

    In the wrong hands when used with ill purpose
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