Xbox 360 plus external hard drive question?

Discussion in 'Gaming Discussion' started by Customgamer1, Aug 12, 2006.

  1. Customgamer1

    Customgamer1 Fell off the tech wagon

    Ok I know a few of you guys have a 360 as well as me. My question is that if I buy a 500gig usb external hard drive and transfer all my movies to a playable format that the 360 could use would it be possible for me to just have a digital format of all my dvd's and other videos?

    I don't know the correct format but I know there is a program out there that changes the VTS dvd format to like mpeg2 or something. That idea just poped into my head and that would be a great idea to save some money and time just putting them on a hardrive instead of dvd's all the time.

    O another thing being that I get a 500gig usb one I could put around 111 movies if each are 4.5 gig's!!!!
  2. craig5320

    craig5320 Well-Known Member

    If you can get them into a format the 360 can read then it should be great.

    see here:

    They're just using a normal hard drive, only thing is it's FAT32 so you need Partition Magic or something other than windows to format it, as its above the 32GB limit for FAT32 or summit.
  3. Geminiwave

    Geminiwave I Have lovely Breasts

    The other thing is that I saw a handy little device at gamestop yesterday that lets you hook your 360 drive up to the PC and edit all of the files. you can put whatever you want on there.

    I have no idea how well it works but it SOUNDED like it did exactly what people could want.

    of course the 360 drive isnt all that big, but still...
  4. Customgamer1

    Customgamer1 Fell off the tech wagon

    That would be cool but like you said it's not very big. It's only 20gig and even if it was 40 like the ps3 thats still nothing when it comes to videos and music. So I will have to look into how I can do it. But Fat32 would suck :( I hope there is a way you can use a NTFS drive on the 360.
  5. Customgamer1

    Customgamer1 Fell off the tech wagon

    Well it might look like the project is going to get cancelled :(

    I did not consider how long it would take me to first rip all my movies back on the computer than convert them to a file the 360 could read and then copy them to the external harddrive..

    So if I wanted to do all of my movies it would take me a very very long time. So I don't see this happening any time soon.
  6. colt450011

    colt450011 New Member

    It needs to be FAT32 if you're using an external hard drive. You can also stream your media by Using Windows Media Center or by selecting your computer in the media section. I just came across this program that might help you out, TVersity - Home Install that on your computer and it will convert the files on the fly and ignores all of the 360's permissions and what not and can play any file format on the 360, it will take forever to convert on larger files, though. Check this out too,
  7. Customgamer1

    Customgamer1 Fell off the tech wagon

    Thanks for the info. I already found out about these programs and now have Vista that has media center :)

    You kind of brought up a super old thread lol, but thanks anyways :)
  8. colt450011

    colt450011 New Member

    Yeah I guess I forgot to the check the date lol.
  9. Stevo...

    Stevo... New Member

    Hi, I had just been through this process myself. It's lots of work but well worth it. An external HDD does need to be fat32 to hook up to 360. I bought a toshiba drive from amazon that is near silent and pre configured to fat32. NTFS would have been ideal as fat32 only supports files up to 4gb.

    Next you need to decide the format you want to go for. After a lot of research I found that the Divx format was ideal for xbox 360 as it was able to stream over the network from a pc or a DLNA NAS box but also from a USB drive or memory stick. The benefit of doing it with the USB drive is that you can add movie artwork to the files. Just download the movie art of the net in jpeg form (under 100kb) and rename it to the same name as your movie file.

    To rip ad d and convert to divx format can take around 3-4 hours but you can rip a couple of movies at once and then convert a batch overnight. I used the divx converter from divx but there are probably loads on the net.

    Hope this helps. It takes ages but it's worth it.

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