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    What's YouP PAX drivers?
    YouP PAX drivers are modded drivers based on Creative official drivers. And what YouP PAX drivers do is to let you get sound improvement for your Creative sound cards when you are playing music and games; and unfetter hardware features to access sound playback for most of Creative sound cards.

    Get those drivers:
    [FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435]The latest set of YouP PAX drivers for SBLive sound card is YouP PAX VI 2.2. (get them from post #67 )
    [FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435]The latest set of YouP PAX drives for Audigy/Audigy2/Audigy2 ZS series [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

    [FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435]sound card is YouP-PAX Fi v2.31 drivers (get them from Post #213).
    [FONT=&#23435]You need to install YouP-PAX software package to get entire functionality with YouP-PAX drivers.

    [FONT=&#23435]Here is the latest package for Audigy X series:
    [/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]NEW YEAR PACKAGE for SBLive/Audigy/Audigy2/Audgiy2ZS series

    [FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435]Please uninstall all drivers now you are using before install YouP PAX drivers. Thank you! YouP and I hope you like it![/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]

    [FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435][FONT=&#23435]classic leon[/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT][/FONT]
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    I can´t install these drivers or the new year package. I get an error immediately, saying "wrong at program request" or something like that (translated from swedish).

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    Which ones do I use -one or in sequence?
    I don't think I got an answer in the other thread about the proper installation routine step by step (avoiding problems with installers.)
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    The latest drivers for SBlive! series

    The latest drivers for SBlive sound card have been out!
    I'm sorry I hadn't come to DH since I was very busy.

    -***- YouP PAX VI v.2.0-***-

    YouP-PAX VI v.2.0 produced basing on Creative v5.12.04.0291 drivers for SBLive! is the Special Edition. Supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Window Server 2003, Longhorn operating systems. SBlive series sound cards are supported (not Dell 0200 version supported) through modding. Provid Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and English supported.

    Operating System:
    Windows 2000 (SP3 or later version);
    Windows XP (SP1 or later version);
    Windows Server 2003(SP1);

    If there are issues occured, please install latest Creative official drivers.
    It is highly recommended to install the drivers with 2005 New Year software pack, which can be downloaded at :

    It improves high, intermediate and low frequency separation, which enhances the power and elasticity (something like this) of low frequency, also with better performance in DVD- Video playback, specifically, with superb sound quality in DVD-Audio playback.

    -some compatibility problem with several games, such the noisy TV sound and asides in “Max Payne 2” comes out in the games. Merely other compatibility issues found in other EAX games.
    -no CMSS 3D functionality in EAX Console, but you can get tweaks on Creative PlayCenter 2.
    -Dolby Digital EX function hacked! You can turn it by using Creative Sound Card Control Panel on the desktop, in which Dynamic Range Compression be switched on/off.
    -AC3 signal can be passed though S/PDIF to the sound card to process, and DTS sound tracks is played with software players as PowerDVD or WinDVD.

    Two Edits of the drivers:
    1.Supports the Live! Benefit Special Edition retailed in China's mainland only (including 0220 version Asia and 0220 version Benefit Special):
    This Edit is optimized for Benefit Special Edition of Live!, it can also be installed on other Live! cards. It must be chosen to install if you select "Simplified Chinese" interface when installation processed.
    2.Does not support Live! 0220 version Asia sound cards and the Benefit Special Edition sound cards(retailed in China's mainland only):
    This version is optimised for other Live! cards, and with Chinese Traditional and English installation and driver interfaces added.

    1. Please uninstall previous drivers before installing version 2.0, or some unexpected issues may occur.
    2. includes the patch that mods 4 channels to 5.1, system-shutdown-hang patch, system shutdown acceleration patch (under Windows XP), with added SPDIF IN function under Creative Surround Mixer.
    3. While installing the driver under Windows XP, setup program modifies some system files, which will be restored after installation is completed. While asked “Whether to overwrite the newer files?”, please always select “Yes” to continue installation.
    4. Please use the uninstallation option which is integrated in drivers to uninstall the 0220 version Benefit Special drivers, or uninstallation cannot be executed completely. Selecting Chinese Simplified installation interface to install 0220 version Asia and the Benefit Special Edition of driver.
    5. When Chinese Simplified installation interface is selected, you can uninstall the PAX VI v1.68 drivers which are included in the 2005 New Year package.

    Special Thanks:
    RUI who provides SB Live! card for testing drivers.
    Terence ([email protected]) whose translation efforts for the document
    Terence ([email protected]), who did audition works.
    Produced, modified and moderated by YouP
    Mar 9, 2005

    Download: (thanks
    or (thanks Floruro)
    or or
    or (these 3 links provided by WhiteEagle)

    So I wrote this English Installation Guid in DH.
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    Barkybark, after you click to start extracting newyear package, you have to wait untill Creative installation poped up, which instead of click "next" to install.
    smasha, choose NO. 12 if you have a SBlive sound card. or Just simply insall new year package with 3.89 drivers which is included in the package.
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    Hi classic leon:

    Good to see you again. Welcome back, and thanks for all the info again.:D
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    What's better to use, the patched Audigy2 ZS driver CD, or this Youp-PAX VI v2.0? Why?

    And I'll copy here a question that I've made in another thread (the one about Audigy4 drivers):
    And classic_leon answered me:
    But, classic_leon, my question is exactly if this higher volume could be the reason for my subwoofer to burn!
  11. e v o

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    vI2.0 is for sblive not the audigy series
  12. Nforce2XP

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    This new drivers din`t work ,it installed ok but there were not sound coming out at all ,i could change the speakers setting and everything but not to avail.
    roll back to the previus one, i have sound blaster 5.1 live .

    ROBSCIX New Member

    am I supposed to have Bass redirection with the 2.0 drivers?..I have a SBlive! 5.1 but no that section of the driver is greyed this an error? The bass sound alright...but I was just wondering if I was having problems or not..
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    thomasabarnes, nice to see you again too.
    Didilo, sorry i didn't see your question completely. Higher Volume dose NOT burn your speakers inlcuding your subwoofer, the only thing that is able to be burnt is your Sound Card. One of my friend bought a Logitech Z-640 which was dud. VI .0 drivers are not Audigy series drivers and are SBLive drivers as what evolve1 said.
    Nforce2XP, next version is coming soon.
    ROBSCIX, there are several issues on SBLive with English Windows. I think it will be fixed with next version.
  15. Didilo

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    But if it makes the Live get higher signal in its outputs (I doubt if it's possilble because it depends of the pre-amplifier transistors of the board), then this signal will enter the amplifier circuit of the speakers in a higher level than it supoorts, damaging it, right?

    Isn't it the Audigy2 drivers adapted for installing on a Live? So if it's the normal Live drivers, why to install it instead of the Creative Live drivers?

    I wanted to install the Audigy2 drivers because I wanted this better sound quality that everybody was talking about (and wanted to use the Audigy2 aplications too, hehe).

    ROBSCIX New Member

    NO, The only way your sound card sould possibly dammage your speakers is if your send ing a clipped signal to the speaker system all the time. Over 0.0 dB this hits the digital cieling and clips the tops off the wavforms..making the nice smoth analog sine wave look more like digital square waves.. Given general design priciples of speaker systems this is bad...the ON/OFF nature of square wave will definatley damage a speaker after a period of far as drivers being able to overdirve the transistors of the preamp..the output signal of the souncard will never exceeed line_level so the output level is not a cosideration, what the signal being outputted is...there you go clear as mud..:)
  17. e v o

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    love these drivers, the installation is a little "unique" but all in all it works out. I've softmodded my audigy 2 to a ZS and i'm using the Logitech z-5300s which im very impressed with.

  18. chriss_013

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    does anybody know exactly if these drivers ( PAX Ney Year package ) work with hacked Audigy 2 ( pins 25-35 bridged to fake an extarnal drive ) ? Original Creative drivers and KX drivers work. But in PAX case, after intalling the driver, when I've bridged those pins I have no more sound in the speakers. Well, in Audio Control Panel -> Device Settings -> SPDIF input I have the option AC3 SPDIF-in Decode but as I said I haven't any kind of sound in the speakers.
    If I un-bridge those pins, the sound is ok, but I have no more the option of AC3 SPDIF in decode.

    So ? Any ideea ?
  19. Floruro

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  20. micm

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    Hope something here will help -- my experience was different, but maybe it will give you an idea or two on getting your setup working...

    I had problems with the install software, not because of the PAX stuff, but I think because of the creative installers; it seems the PAX installation routine calls the original Creative setup programs. During the PAX install, a copy of the install CD is copied to your hard drive... ALT-TAB switching to Windows Explorer during the PAX install lets you see that folder and copy it to another location on your hard drive. This folder can be burned on a CD to make an install disk.

    During the install, the driver files themselves are copied to your Windows Temp folder [either a subdirectory of your Windows folder, or in XP, Documents and Settings\ [your profile name] \ Local Settings\Temp]. You'll see a new folder with a strange looking name containing these drivers, which you can leave there or copy to a more convenient location (recommended).

    Opening the sound card properties window in Windows Device Manager, you can try to update your drivers directing Windows to use these new driver files. You can also remove the sound card in Device Manager, and reinstall the card using add hardware in control panel, again pointing windows to these new drivers.

    Trying different driver versions, I've successfully used all 3 methods in Win 98 SE & Win XP pro SP2 with an early, std. Audigy 2. Once the drivers are installed and working, can either run the setup program on the CD to install the other software, or install the programs independently from their respective folders on the CD [please note: installing the apps separately will place them in a different folder then the normal install - something you can optionally correct during install -> normal install puts most in c:\Program Files\Creative\SBAudigy2\ ... separate install puts all in c:\program Files\Creative\ ]

    I've tried it both with the pins on the ext. connecter jumpered and off. Works either way but as you've said, without the pins jumpered you lose some SPDIF functionality.

    As for the programs themselves, my interests are a bit different then most I think. I often record movies from digital cable, and originally started out trying to record the original AC3 stream as my cable connection (and the sound) is terrible. I was never successful, including with the KX drivers, but I did find that recording the soundtrack via coax SPDIF to CD Digital in was still an improvement over the decoded analog stereo from my cable box when carried over regular cables to my Audigy2's line in.

    I can record the signal decoded by my cable box to analog audio, or I can use the un-decoded Dolby AC3 signal, which is better yet (both quieter and at higher levels).

    Using ZS software modded as suggested in the thread on How To Install..., I can use the cms app to record 5.1 at 24/96, using the creative decoder, but as a .wav file has a 2 gig limit in Windows, I'm limited to about 20 minutes worth -- far short of any movie. Follow the directions in the help file, and you'll get a special format 5.1 wav file that Audacity or CoolEdit will open for you. [For anyone wishing to try this with digital cable in US, very few movies are actually broadcast in 5.1, and if it isn't, using CMSS 3D will not include LFE for sub woofer].

    Using the PAX New Year software pack, I can't record 5.1, but I can record stereo at 16/48 using the creative decoders with the AC3 Dolby stream, and I don't have to use CMS to do it -- any recording software seems to work, including video capture apps. [Please note that I did encounter some audio time stretching once, but I've not done enough of this yet, capturing an AC3 stream with video, to say it's a problem or not].

    To decode and record the AC3 stream, there can be some timing issues apparently... Plugging and unplugging the spdif cable, switching the control from spdif decode to bypass and back to decode, even changing channels on the cable box have all worked when I wasn't getting any sound. You do want to make sure that the only connected input is your spdif.

    It seems most of the software (not drivers) between the two versions, the ZS factory disc and the PAX New Year package are compatible, as long as everything is taken as a whole -- you will likely have problems mixing and matching programs from either. With a little fiddling to set it up & a dual boot PC, I can switch creative software folders in win98 se and boot into XP with either version working. Switch folders with XP running at your own peril... Personally I highly recommend not switching any program folders in XP.

    Whichever driver set you favor is up to you, but either should work.

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