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Design and Win Your Dream Custom PC with Cryo PC

Win Your Dream Custom PC Competition 2012

'Win Your Dream Custom PC' Competition 2012


Cryo PC Design Gallery

The Winner - Attilio Sansone

The following images are a selection of entries from the Cryo PC Competition

HardwareHeaven and Cryo PC are offering an amazing opportunity for any budding designers, enthusiasts or have-a-go users. The chance to have your own custom computer case design professionally CAD drafted and fabricated by professionals... then have the latest PC components installed and delivered to a spec of your choice by Cryo PC.

Entrants should not feel restricted by current design conventions. Cryo PC are not looking for another beige box; rather something exciting, practical and popular with all types of consumers is more likely to win the day.

Prize offered
Cryo PC will minimise build time as much as possible by delivering the winner a PC in the standard chassis within three weeks of the winning entry being announced. Ultimate delivery time of the winning entrants own chassis will be dependent on its complexity and materials chosen. Cryo will get the winning design professionally CAD drafted, verify component fit and feasibility, make practical modifications, create a prototype, make any necessary modifications to the prototype to accommodate revisions, and finally complete build and testing. Typically this process takes 2-3 months, but can take up to 6 months.

1. First prize - will be a custom PC as designed by the overall winning entrant with a component value of up to £2,500 and a total value likely well in excess of £5000 (including case work, design and fabrication & finishing).

2. Second prize - will be an Gigabyte AMD Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5, AMD 990FX motherboard, AMD CPU FX Series 8120 Black Edition 8 Core Processor Bulldozer CPU.

3. Third prize - will be a Gigabyte AMD HD6970 Radeon graphics card.

4. Fourth prize - will be a Cyborg RAT5 mouse, Cyborg V5 Keyboard and Cyborg V1 gaming surface.

5. Ten runners up prizes - will be Cryo 2GB USB drives and mouse mats.

Scoring Methodology
The competition should be scored out of 100 on a number of scales:

- Aesthetics
- Ergonomics
- Performance
- Flexibility
- Size
- Cost
- Innovation
- Simplicity to Manufacture

To enter please complete the form below. Before doing so, please read the requirements and terms/conditions below it.


Entry Requirements
1. Full entrants contact details including age, profession, and most played gaming title.

2. Electronic or scanned paper drawing of the design showing all main elevations front, sides, top and rear.

3. Drawings should ideally include measurements, and identify location of key HMI devices i.e. power button, reset button, indicator lights, card readers, USB sockets, headphone sockets, PCIe slots, removable panels, fans, filters, 3.5in bays, 5.25 bays, external optical drive, ventilation grills or openings etc Though Cryo PC can accommodate some level of error, inaccuracy or lack of detail.

4. Description of materials to be used for construction i.e. plastic, composites, carbon fibre, steel, wood, glass, Perspex, Nomex, aluminium etc.

5. Entrants should provide a written description of their PC, why they chose the design they did, and three reasons or more why they think it is better than any that is commercially available, and identify any key purpose for the PC ie gaming, CAD, digital content creation etc.

6. The drawing should also show the anticipated location of motherboard, power supply and hard drives.

7. Using the Cryo PC web site for reference answer the following five questions:
  • A. When was Cryo PC formed?
  • B. How many products are in the Cryo PC range?
  • C. What Cryo PC design set the 2011 specMark Benchmark Wokrstatoin speed record?
  • D. What is the fastest Cryo PC product by core speed? and what is its specified minimum delivered frequency?
  • E. What is the smallest high performance PC in the Cryo range?
Terms and Conditions
Restrictions on part choices, entrants should use Cryo PC product options:

1. The specification should be based on the products available from our Cryo Gaming Collection and Bespoke (custom) Collections.

2. The case must be of the entrants own unique design. Entrants are encouraged to use existing chassis designs as either ideas for their own design or as the basis for a new design, however, it must be entirely their own work and not infringe on any copyright, patent or intellectual property rights.

3. Motherboard vendor must be Gigabyte, but may be either AMD or Intel chipset and socket, any form factor is acceptable mATX, mITX, ATX, eATX.

4. CPU should be either AMD or Intel, but must be compatible with other component choices.

5. Memory can be any compatible memory kit.

6. Optical drive is an open choice, including slim or standard sized drives.

7. Hard or Solid-State disk drive is an open choice, and an open quantity, any RAID configuration is available, with up to two volumes available.

8. Sound card is an open option we would recommend you be guided by Cryo PC product recommendations and options.

9. Power supply can be any Corsair power supply.

10. Keyboard, Mouse and Surface may be any in the Cyborg range.

11. Speakers are on open choice, but are not a requirement.

12. Monitor is an open choice, but is not a requirement, none is an option.

13. Headset may be any in the Tritton range.

14. Installed Operating System can be any available on the Cryo PC product options.

15. Any fan controllers or other system management interfaces may be added.

16. Any value adding PCIe cards may also be added i.e. RAID controller, Gaming Ethernet NIC or other specialist cards.

17. Useful and practical bespoke modifications and additions are encouraged, i.e. lighting, controllers etc.

Cryo PC reserves the right to:

»Substitute components of equal specification or value should a chosen component be unavailable;

»Substitute fabrication materials of impractically high cost (i.e. precious and semi-precious metals and stones) with those within an economic range;

»Modify the design to resolve any functional or practical problems;

»The entrant consents by their submitting the design for entry into the competition to releasing the design copyright and intellectual property to Cryo PC;

»Extend the delivery schedule should there be any unforeseen technical fabrication issues or constraints.

Cryo PC will provide guidance and discuss design modifications with the winner as to the optimal component selection should there be any anticipated compatibility or configuration problems.

Price limit; the total value of the winning PC configuration should be no more than £2,500 as valued by the Cryo online PC configurator (available on each product page) plus the RRP of any other components specified that are not on Cryo PC options lists. There is no cash alternative to the prize on offer.

Unless specified otherwise here Cryo PC standard terms and conditions of sale and warranty cover will apply to the delivered winning Custom PC.

Closing Date
Closing date of the competition will be 28th February 2012, winners will be announced on the 1st April 2012. Cryo PC will aim to complete the design and build of the winning PC within one calendar month of the winner being announced. If the chassis design will take longer than this Cryo PC reserves the right to initially deliver it in a standard off-the-shelf chassis and transition it to the design chassis at the earliest opportunity by reasonable endeavours.

Submitting Your Entry
To submit your entry to the competition complete the above form, leaving nothing blank. Designs can be submitted in suitable formats such as any image filetype or Photoshop file, if your designs are very large submit a clear design in an image format and further designs/files will be requested if your entry progresses.

Win Your Dream Custom PC Competition 2012
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