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Pimp My Rig - PowerColor Devil 13 HD7990

Pimp My Rig - The quest for the slowest rig on Earth

Pimp My Rig - The quest for the slowest rig on Earth!

Phase one has ended, congratulations to vavyn who won with a score of one 3DMark and will now progress to challenge the other communities for the PowerColor HD 7990!

The Challenge
Do you feel that your rig doesn't Impress your friends anymore? Then your rig deserves some SERIOUS PIMPING! To prove it, just show us how really slow it is... and we will make it show some serious business with the fastest upgrade on the planet. PowerColor HD7990 Devil 13 and many more goodies.

You will need 3DMark 2003 to compete in this competition.
3DMark 2003

- This competition will have two rounds; first you will have to join the HardwareHeaven community (Register here) and then try to have the lowest 3DMark 2003 score of this community.

- The second round will be done with the community winners (those who got the lowest score of each community) where the winners will go head to head to fight for the slowest score in a different benchmark that will be revealed once the first phase is over.

- The final winner will be the lowest combined score of the 2 rounds.
- Only 3DMark 2003 default score would be accepted (First round).
- All game tests including nature test must be supported and completed (First round).
- All scores with NA FPS won't be accepted and the scores must be higher than 0,00FPS.
- Only stand alone graphic cards are valid for this competition.
- The benchmark score must have been made during the competition period.
- The project name should include "PowerColor PIMP MY RIG".
- If more than one user share the lowest score, the first submission will win.
- The link must be active right after the end of the competition in order to validate, you can submit the score and link before even if the link is not active on the Futuremark.

Run test, register on Futuremark website, submit and win.

- You must register or be registred user on the community you select to participate with.
- You can only participate in one community; but you can submit multiple times with different scores (the lowest is the one that counts).
- Entrants who submit in more than one community, if proven will be disqualified.
- For the community winners, new rules and new benchmark info will be sent by email and also updated in this page.
- This is a worldwide competition, so join in!
- The first round of the competition runs from September 3rd to September 16th where the second and final round with the finalist all will be schedule to compete on the week of September 17th.


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