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When people are shopping for high end aluminum cases, Lian-Li are always one of the first names that come to mind. They focus almost totally on high quality aluminum cases, with few other case-related products (such as PSUs or fan controllers) among their product ranges.

Lian-Li’s reputation in the world of computer enthusiasts is legendary and their products are considered to be some of the best quality cases available. Today we will take a look at one of their larger ATX midi tower cases the V1010B. The V1010B is a very spacious midi tower case which can easily be mistaken for a full tower and it is loaded with features … the end result is something quite special indeed.

Manufacturer features and specifications

Case Type
Super Mid Tower
210 x 543 x 560 mm ( W, H, D)
Front bezel Material
Silver / Black
Side Panel
Body Material
5.25" drive bay (External)
3.5" drive bay (Internal)
Expansion Slot
System Fan (Front)
14cm Ball Bearing Fan (800~980~1180RPM)Factory setting to mid speed@980RPM
System Fan (Rear)
12cm Ball Bearing Fanx2 ( 1020~1240~1500RPM)Factory setting to mid speed@1240RPM
I/O Ports
USB 2.0 x 4, IEEE1394 x 1, E-SATA x 1, HD+AC97 Audio
  • Hand crafted, made in Taiwan
  • Hair line brush & anodized finish
  • Heat zone design (2 separate heat zones)
  • Huge internal space (E-ATX compatible, fits PSUs up to 20cm long)
  • Graphic cards support holder
  • Built in 3 speed fan controller
  • Intake fan with washable air filter
  • PCI covers with vent holes
  • Slide out PSU tray
  • Removable motherboard tray
  • Tool-less side panel latches with lock
  • Anti-vibration points on chassis
  • Anti-vibration HDD racks
  • Aluminum wheel set
  • Lian-Li patented PSU holder
  • Multimedia I/O ports at the top of the case
  • 5.25" bezels with vents and air filters
  • Supports liquid cooling system (dust free covers)

Packaging and bundle

The PC-V1010B case is supplied packed inside a very large box which could easily fit a full tower case. An artistic picture of the case is imprinted on the box and a lot of its numerous features are mentioned.

The case is well secured inside the box and held between two Styrofoam pieces. The sample we received wasn’t treated very well by the shipping company and it shows in the above pictures, but the case was perfectly intact when it arrived, aside of some of the 5.25" bay covers which were shaken loose and fell inside the case.

You receive the following items with the case:

  • A basic but informative manual
  • 2 promotional leaflets advertising most of Lian-Li’s current products
  • 7 graphic card support holders
  • An ATX 12V power extension cable
  • Numerous screws, washers and rubber mounts
  • Protective rubberized stripes for the aluminum wheels
  • A small plastic box for storing the screws you won’t use
  • Several small cable ties and plastic cable management holders
  • An SS mounting plate for certain workstation level motherboards

Although the bundle is very well put together, we cannot help but wonder why Lian-Li would include a 4-pin 12V power extension cable when most high end motherboards are using 8-pin 12V power connectors now.

Inside the package you will also find an optional 120mm chipset/RAM cooling fan which can be mounted above the motherboard in order to enhance the cooling of passively cooled critical components. The fan is branded as being made by Lian-Li themselves, although there must be another OEM who supplies Lian-Li with fans. It has a ball bearing and a maximum rotational speed of 1500RPM. More on how this fan can be mounted later in this review.

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