Fractal Design Arc Midi Case Review

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Fractal Arc Midi Case Review


The Fractal Design Arc Midi very much impresses from the moment it is unboxed. The classy aesthetics are matched with a solid feeling construction and the closer we look the more it becomes apparent that Fractal Design have put a lot of thought into this case.

We have a huge potential for component choice in the Arc Midi from 29-47cm graphics cards, 18cm CPU coolers, 12CM radiators, ATX boards, 8 SSDs/HD’s and so on. In addition to this the removable drive caddy, pre-installed dust filters and rubber PSU mounts all take this case to the next level when compared to cheaper models.

For performance the three pre-installed 14cm fans are ultra-quiet, even at 100% they are barely noticeable and the bundled controller allows us to tune them to our needs. For those who want a little more there is of course the ability to install a further five fans of various sizes, maximising airflow at which point the pre-installed dust filters will be appreciated. The inclusion of USB 3.0 is also a bonus.

At £74.99 Fractal have the Arc Midi priced appropriately, in fact we would probably say it could sell at an even higher price quiet easily. So all in all a well-rounded product.

The Arc Midi is a case which offers a little of something for everyone. From water-cooling for enthusiasts to 8 fans for those who need them. Even the use of extra-large components, 8 drives and some great build quality. The Arc Midi is our new favourite midrange case.

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Overclockers – £74.99

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