Antec Eleven Hundred Case Review

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Antec Eleven Hundred Case Review

Antec Eleven Hundred


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On the Eleven Hundred Antec have managed to keep the size of the chassis at a minimum while maintain support for larger components like XL-ATX boards so installing a system is easy, starting with the motherboard and PSU. The PSU sits in the case, held by four screws with wiring passing through the cable management holes. Our motherboard is held in place using the standard stand-off and screw method. Our optical drives then slot into place, our 3.5" devices clip into the brackets and bays with the SSDs screwed into place where required.

After installing the motherboard, PSU and drives we are ready for cards and cooler installation. PCIe cards, up to 13inches in length are held in place using thumbscrews and the case fully supports 17cm CPU coolers as well as Antec’s dual width Kuhler 920 CPU cooler (shown above). Our final step is simply to wire the case appropriately and then it’s time to turn on.


Intel Core i7-3930K
AMD Radeon HD 7970
Intel DX79SI Motherboard
4x 4GB Patriot DDR3-1600
OCZ RevoDrive X2
Hitachi 3TB SATA
Antec True Power Quattro 1200w PSU
Antec Kuhler 920 Liquid Cooler

Case temperatures were measured using AIDA64, Realtemp GT and GPUz after 10 minutes of the case sitting with no activity and 10 minutes of each load test. Load was applied to the system using Prime95 and Furmark. Ambient room temperature during testing was 30°C.

(NOTE: The object of this test is not to compare the results with alternative products as there are too many factors which can impact thermal performance.)


In terms of performance the Antec Eleven Hundred produces some good results with a reasonable amount of airflow. The majority of this comes from the 200m fan on the top which exhausts a lot of air while keeping noise levels at a minimum as the video below shows.

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