PC Specialist Apollo System

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Packaging and Bundle

When configuring the Apollo it is possible to choose a variety of extras such as high quality keyboard and mouse, each comes in its retail packaging just as if bought in a shop and each part of the bundle is packed away tidily in a separate box within the main shipping containers. As well as the retail packaging for the smaller items PC Specialist also supply the various manuals, DVDs and extras for the components within the system and it is great to see the inclusion of a full windows DVD, once again just like the one available in retail outlets. The final item in the bundle is a manual written by PC Specialist which explains a lot about the system, a handy guide for less technical customers.

As well as configuring the main components within the system it is possible to add a screen and speakers to the order. Our review sample arrived with some of the better options, a set of Creative T7900 7.1 speakers and an LG W2452T 1920×1200 capable screen. Like the keyboard and mouse which were added to the order the speakers and screen arrived in their retail packaging and contained all of the documentation and extras added by the manufacturer.


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