Mesh Slayer Elemental

14. Prototype16. Overclocking

Temperatures and Noise

The Thermaltake Element S moves a considerable amount of air with the front intake fans and the huge top exhaust fan which helps to keep the motherboard running cool.

The system shipped with the Domino in the lowest of the three settings which means that the system is very quiet indeed. The only issue is that the temperatures of the CPU would rise to almost 50c when idle which is a little higher than I would like to see. Setting the Domino to the middle setting reduced the temperatures considerable as seen below.

The supplied HIS card unfortunately wouldn’t allow us to raise the speeds of the fan manually through Catalyst Control Center or the latest version of Rivatuner however they are well within the tolerances of the PCB.

Using our preferred med setting the noise level was very respectable – our DB meter recorded the readings in a normal working ‘ open’ environment around 3 feet from the case. These are a decent set of results considering the components and high air flow capacity.

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