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One thing which strikes us about Novatech’s order process is that it is one of the most simple around. We can simply select a system, then extras and hit "add system to basket" or we can go more in-depth, chatting online to sales advisors to assist in our purchase decision.

Once the order has been placed dispatch is quick and we even receive a text message when the system is on the way, giving tracking details for the package.

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The system arrives well protected with cardboard and a plastic bag and it is good to see the bundled extras in separate boxes. Upon unboxing the PC we find a high quality chassis thanks to the use of Antec as a supplier and in the case of The Revolution we have a sturdy and light aluminium model which has various tool-free design aspects which will make future upgrades easy. Speaking of upgrades, the use of a Gigabyte AM3 board and a PSU which has plenty of spare capacity mean that The Revolution should offer plenty of future-proofing for the consumer. We would have liked to see a little more care on the wiring within the system, simply bundling a few of the cables together with ties however overall the build quality and choice of branded components was very good.

On the software front Novatech offer a no-frills build, there really is no unnecessary bloat here and this ensures that the system runs at an optimal speed from day 1. We were particularly pleased to see Novatech use Microsoft Security Essentials rather than Norton or MacAfee which can be intrusive but at the same time it would have been nice to have the latest drivers, BIOS and at least some Windows Updates put in place at the factory.

For support Novatech offer some industry leading features. We can chat live online to sales, customer service or technical support personal as well as emailing or phoning them. Novatech also offer "Free Lifetime UK technical support" and have a user forum for those who want to take that route. The Revolution has a hidden recovery partition which restores the system to its factory install and this works well, other than the documentation requiring a small update to the wording used. Then we have the warranty, which is 1-year on The Revolution with an option to increase this during the purchase process.

So that brings us to performance. With its retail components and uncluttered build The Revolution performs at the same level as a well-built DIY system. Essentially Novatech are taking all the stress and work out of getting a high quality system and leaving the user to enjoy the end results. Our 6-core CPU mixed with 4GB of memory is able to encode audio and video quickly, the Radeon can play games such as StarCraft 2 at Ultra settings and the choice of a 1tb drive means that we have plenty of room in the initial build for storage.

The Revolution offers a high level of build quality, design and performance thanks to a good choice of case and internal components. A system which performs well now and has plenty of flexibility for future upgrades.

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