Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3-1866 SODIMM 16GB Kit Laptop Memory Review

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Crucial Ballistix SODIMM 16GB Kit Memory Review

Crucial Ballistix Sport DDR3-1866MHz SODIMM (Laptop) Memory Review (2x8GB)

Memory upgrades are one of the more common upgrades on desktop PCs thanks to their (reasonably) low cost, ease and in the right system, benefits to performance. Considering most laptop manufacturers go with the bare minimum in terms of memory volume and specification consumers who use those systems could benefit as much as desktop users from an upgrade and that’s the focus of today’s products, Crucials Ballistix Sport SODIMM.

Packaging and Bundle

Ballistix packaging

Crucial go with a no frills approach to packaging on this memory. We get a transparent container which holds the memoy in place and in full view. An insert adds some style and on the front we get an information sticker.

Ballistix modules

For their Ballistix Sport SODIMMs Crucial offer a wide range of specifications with capacities ranging from 4GB to 8GB per module and speeds of 1600MHz and 1866MHz. A heat spreader is attached to one side and on the other information stickers can be seen Our modules are 2x8GB set to 1866MHz with timings of 10-10-10-30-2T at 1.35v. For those systems which are XMP capable Crucial program these modules with the appropriate settings and for older systems SPD timings are included too.


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