Hiper Type-M 780W PSU

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Hiper are a well known company among enthusiasts today, they mostly market high performance computer PSUs and media chassis, and we reviewed several of their PSUs in the past and found them to be good products.

Hiper have three different series of PSUs, the Type-S series consisting of low output and simple units, Type-R MKII series consisting of modular high performance units and the Type-M series consisting of non-modular high performance units. Setting the Type-S series aside, the main difference between the Type-M and Type-R MKII units are the modular cable connectors. Today we will take a look at one of the most powerful Type-M series units, the 4M780. Let us see how well this upgraded version of the older Type-M unit will perform.

  • New PCI-E 8 pin available
  • NVIDIA SLIâ„¢ – Ready Certified up to Dual GeForce 8800 GTX
  • 4 X independent 12V rails
  • Complies with latest ATX12V v2.2/EPS12V v2.91 form factors
  • Fully compatible with AMD 64 bit and Intel LGA processors
  • Active PFC
  • Extender â„¢
  • Gold plated connectors for minimum power loss and optimal conductivity
  • PCI-E,SATA,Molex with EZ-Grip,floppy,P4 & P8 connectors
  • Modular power cord(European model only)
  • 20 dB(A) under normal load
Rated Wattage
780 Watts
Peak Load
980 Watts
Switch Type
Auto Standby
ATX Logic
135 x 135 x 25 mm
1000 ~ 1800 rpm
Bearing Type
Sleeve Bearing
Input Parameter
Voltage Range
100 – 240 V
10 ~ 5 A
Frequency Range
47 ~ 63 Hz
Form Factor
Output Parameter
+5V (± 5%)
2 ~ 28 A
+12V 1 (± 5%)
1 ~ 18 A
+12V 2 (± 5%)
1 ~ 18 A
+12V 3 (± 5%)
1 ~18 A
+12V 4 (± 5%)
1 ~ 18 A
-12V (± 10%)
0 ~ 0.8 A
+5VSB (± 5%)
0 ~ 3 A
+3.3V (± 5%)
0.5 ~ 30 A
Output Load Regulation
12V 1 & 12V 2 & 12V 3 & 12V 4
< 720 W  (60A)
+3.3V & +5V
< 180 W
+3.3V & +5V & +12V
< 760 W
Output Voltage Protection
< 4.5V
< 7V
< 15.6V
Power Good Signal
Rise Time
< 20 ms
Signal On
100 – 500 ms
Signal Off
1 ms min.
Power Hold
16 ms min.
Power Factor Correction
1 mm
Unit Size
180 x 150 x 86 mm
7.1″ x 5.9″ x 3.4″
Net Weight
2.5 Kg

Packaging and Bundle

Product image
Product image


Product image

The Hiper Type-M 780W unit shares the same kind of packaging with the rest of the units of the series and is supplied in an extremely simple but sturdy cardboard box. There is nothing noteworthy about the artwork of the package, but environmental conscious people will be glad to know that it is made out of recycled paper. The unit is well secured between two thick Styrofoam pieces. The bundle of the Hiper Type-M unit is basic, but not lacking. You will find all of the extra cables and connectors inside a simple plastic bag, the modular AC power cable and both an UK and EU plug and 4 screws. Finally you will find a basic users guide and two stickers with the company logo.

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