HTC Sensation Android Smartphone Review

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HTC Sensation Android Phone Review


The HTC Sensation is an extremely accomplished device offering high end specifications and a solid build quality thanks to the aluminium backplate. In terms of design its shape make it a pleasure to hold and to operate and combining these excellent ergonomics with the phone’s generous qHD display and resolution makes the Sensation a formidable bit of kit.

Performance in applications is good and we like the appearance of HTC Sense 3.0 with the lock-screen functionality being a highlight but it should always be remembered that this is sitting on top of the standard functionality of Android 2.3 which means all of the great features the platform offers, such as the ability to tailor the device to our exact requirements, are present.

Where things could have been improved are in the viewing angles of the screen, for occasions when we want to show content to another person and as always with high performance devices we look forward to upcoming patches which will improve battery life.

The handset is of course available sim free or through network deals and value is enhanced by a good bundle of extras which include a decent set of earphones and an 8GB microSD card as standard. More than enough with the inbuilt storage to get the average user up and running.

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