Nokia Lumia 620 Smartphone Review

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Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone Review

Nokia Lumia 620 with Windows Phone 8 Review

A couple of years ago both Nokia and Microsoft had similar problems in the mobile space. iOS was well established and Android was making massive leaps forward in features and sales. Windows Phone and Symbian handsets were showing their age though and a real reinvention was needed on both fronts. Microsoft and Nokia then formed a partnership and the first product to hit the market was the Lumia 800.

We tested the handset and new OS at launch and were hugely impressed by the hardware and software overall. Microsoft had created a slick, intuitive and more importantly different OS experience. Nokia had created a solid mainstream device too with a decent camera and performance which ran the OS with ease and wrapped it all in a handset which was solidly built. More recently Nokia released the Lumia 920, running the new Windows Phone 8 OS it brought enhanced specifications and the latest features to their product range and is still one of the best handsets available.

Looking to bring the Windows Phone 8 experience to a lower price point than the Lumia 920 is Nokia’s new Lumia 620. With interchangeable covers, HD camera and expandable storage it may just fit the bill as a great midrange handset.

Packaging and Bundle

Our Lumia 620 arrived in a plan black box however we would expect the store packaging to follow a similar theme to the other Lumias (also shown above). Inside we find the handset wrapped in a protective cover and suspended in a cardboard tray. Underneath the extra items are separated into small bags.

With the Lumia 620 Nokia bundle some product documentation, in-ear headset, USB cable and mains charge.

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