Nokia Lumia 620 Smartphone Review

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Nokia Lumia 620 Windows Phone Review

User Experience and Conclusion


As with the other Lumia handsets anyone new to Windows Phone will find the Lumia 620 to offer quite a change from either their older handset or the experience offered by Android and iOS. This is no bad thing as the OS is intuitive and slick and it continues to be enhanced with each update. For those who have been using Windows Phone 7.5 the experience is very similar with the small changes to the home screen activity and tile layout being the most obvious change/improvement from a front facing point of view.

One of the strengths of Windows Phone 8 is that regardless of the price point our handset has (and its specifications) the OS experience is essentially identical. Other than the screen resolution difference using a Lumia 620 looks and operates just like the 920. The handset materials and size are different but the button layout is also identical to use as the more expensive handset and while we don’t get the same level of storage the 620 has that always appreciated MicroSD card slot. The removable battery is also a plus, allowing us to buy spares for long trips or if ours fails and there are some who will appreciate the varied colours available for the cases.


In day to day use the Lumia 620 runs the OS without any significant lag. We do get slightly longer load times when moving to new apps than on the higher end handset and without doubt as more demanding apps are released the 920 would be beneficial but the 620 should still offer an acceptable experience over time. We were also pleasantly surprised with the image quality from the back camera which is good for a 5MP model and operates very quickly being ready for the next image within a second of the last one being taken. Nokia offer some nice sharing options too as well as a few interesting tools to edit and tweak images and Smart Shoot which can take a series of people pictures and combine them to fix any in which the subjects have closed eyes.

In fact this is one area which helps Nokia stand out from the competition, their additional apps which add some extra quality. There are still fewer apps on Windows Phone than iOS and Android and we still lack a decent third party Swype like keyboard but Nokia Maps, Nokia Creative Studio and of course Office help balance things out.

Battery life was good for a midrange smartphone with nearly a day and a half of use from a single charge in average use (which for us involved around three-five 15 minute calls, multiple text messages, 30 minutes of gaming and an hour of surfing with Wi-Fi enabled) the overall time on was around 39 hours before a charge was required. That charge with the phone on takes around an hour and a twenty minutes from the mains charger.

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An impressive midrange handset from Nokia. Compact and light with a decent camera and expandable storage it offers a very similar user experience to more expensive Windows Phone 8 handsets.

Nokia Lumia 620 Smartphone
Build Quality rating 8/10
Design rating 9/10
Performance rating 8/10
Value rating 9/10
Overall rating

Recommended Award

Where to buy…
UK Store £226.80

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