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Interview Index

Interview with Natasha Sampson-Todd from AMD Product Marketing, Memory Products

   Interview with Natasha Sampson-Todd, Product Marketing (Memory Products) for AMD. Discussing AMD's RAMDisk software.    Read Here   discuss here

Interview with Louise Blain from Chillblast PC

   Today we interview Louise Blain, marketing and communications manager at custom PC builder Chillblast.    Read Here   discuss here

Q&A with Rob Wells, Senior Director at NETGEAR

   Back in November 2012 we ran a Q&A with Rob Wells, senior director at NETGEAR, to discuss the developments in Wireless AC technology and what it meant to consumers. Here, we revisit the matter with Rob and see how this technology has advanced over the past six months...    Read Here   discuss here

Interview with Antec's Barry Loynes

   Antec, Inc. is the global leader in high-performance computer components and accessories for the gaming, PC upgrade and Do-It-Yourself markets. Founded in 1986, Antec is recognized as a pioneer in the industry and has maintained its position as a worldwide market leader and international provider of quiet, efficient and innovative products.    Read Here   discuss here

Interview with AMD's Sasa Marinkovic

   I am a Senior Manager of Technology Marketing. At present my role is focused on marketing heterogeneous computing. This involves identifying and evangelising upcoming industry trends such as ultralow voltage, small form factor and parallel computing and driving that from a marketing point of view.    Read Here   discuss here

Interview with MEDION's Sandro Fabris

   Today we had chance to catch up with Sandro Fabris of MEDION computers and he answered some questions for us.    Read Here   discuss here

Interview with SteelSeries' Kim Rom

   Interview with Kim Rom from SteelSeries, discussing his role within the company and some of the highlights in his day-to-day activities with SteelSeries.    Read Here   discuss here

Interview with ARCTIC's Daniel Man

   Interview with Daniel Man from ARCTIC, discussing the ARCTIC brand and the goals and strategies of this global company.    Read Here   

Interview with Buffalo's Jon Waring

   Interview with Jon Waring from Buffalo Technology, discussing some of the upcoming products.    Read Here   discuss here

Interview with Andrew Dodd - AMD Catalyst Software Product Manager

   HardwareHeaven recently got chance to pitch some questions to Andrew Dodd - AMD's Software Product Manager for the Catalyst Software Suite. Including questions from members of the HardwareHeaven forums.    Read Here   discuss here

AMD Interview With Matt Davis

   Today we have published an interview with AMD's Matt Davis. Matt works in Product Marketing for Desktop Solutions and provides us with some detailed and hugely interesting opinions on AMD's current and future products.    Read Here   discuss here

A.C. Ryan - PlayOn! Interview with Paula Stevenson

   From our start in 1992, AC Ryan has grown to become a leading International IT and CE manufacturer with 7 international offices spread across Europe, Asia and the US. Our company HQ is based in the Netherlands, where the products are conceptualised and sold in over 30 countries.    Read Here   discuss here

Zotac Interview with Simon Greer

   HardwareHeaven got chance to catch up with Simon Greer at Zotac, today he talks to us about the GeForce GTX 480 development as well as discussing the ZBOX and ION platform.    Read Here   discuss here

Xigmatek Interview with Tony Sahin

   Tony Sahin, Chief Engineer at Xigmatek speaks with us about all things XIGMATEK.    Read Here   discuss here

Sapphire Interview with Adrian Thompson

   Adrian Thompson, VP of Marketing at SAPPHIRE Technology, talks to us about SAPPHIRE Select Club, a rewards program for fans and owners of SAPPHIRE products.    Read Here   discuss here

SteelSeries Interview with Kim Rom

   HardwareHeaven gets chance to catch up with Kim Rom, Chief Marketing Officer for SteelSeries. Get the lowdown on his role within SteelSeries, what games he's currently into and more.    Read Here   discuss here

Intel Core Challenge - People's Choice Winner Interview

   Inspired by the success of their Core i7 processors, Intel challenged mod enthusiasts all over the world to come up with the coolest custom desktop and offered over $10,000 in cool prizes for the best submissions. The winner of The Peoples Choice category was Bernd Matthys and today we talk to him about the process of creating his winning system.    Read Here   discuss here

Star Trek Online Q&A with the Dev Team

   DriverHeaven had the chance to catch up with the development team behind the upcoming Star Trek Online title.    Read Here   discuss here

Alienware Interview with Frank Azor

   DriverHeaven takes the opportunity to talk with Frank Azor Product Planning Manager at Alienware. Discussing the acquisition of Alienware by DELL, the M17x laptop, SSD drives and water cooling opportunities.    Read Here   discuss here

Asus (Republic of Gamers) Interview with Derek Yu

   DriverHeaven recently caught up with Derek Yu at Asus. He discusses the Republic of Gamers brand and the latest Asus innovations.    Read Here   discuss here

Enermax Interview with Alexandra Kogan

   We recently had the opportunity to talk with Alexandra Kogan at Enermax. She discusses their prototype 80 Plus Gold power supply, partnering with Sapphire; aswell as the other products on offer from Enermax.    Read Here   discuss here

Sapphire - Bill Donnelly Interview

   We recently had the opportunity to talk with Bill Donnelly at Sapphire. He talks about the new Vapor-X technology, Sapphire's venture into producing power supplies and more.    Read Here   discuss here

Psyko Interview with James Hildebrandt

   We recently spent some time with James Hildebrandt from Psyko Audio, in our interview he speaks about their products, how their company are strengthening their brand and moving forward.    Read Here   discuss here

Nvidia's Chris Daniel - Software Product Manager - Interview

   Today we had a chance to speak to Chris Daniel, Software Product Manager for Nvidia's Geforce GPUs. Chris speaks about CUDA, PhysX and details Windows 7 driver support and development.    Read Here   discuss here

AMD's Terry Makedon - Software Product Manager

   Hi Terry thanks for taking the time to speak with us again, it has been a while since our last interview. For the five people on DH who dont know you can you tell us your job position and daily duties with AMD. Incidentally how has the changeover with AMD been working out for you guys?    Read Here   discuss here

Hiper Interview with Alexander Mast

   Today we sat down with Alexander Mast, Global Marketing representative with one of the most dynamic companies on the market today. His answers were candid and at times educational. Be sure to check it out.    Read Here   discuss here

XFX - ATI Launch Interview

   As anyone knowing the history of XFX We have been building Graphics cards for many years now, from the times of the ISA Bus and we have worked with every major graphics chip company over the years.┬áDuring this time we have seen the GPU advance exponentially into an integral part of most computing platforms - So we have always embraced new technology and tried to be reflective of market demand as a whole and will continue to do so - the consumer wanted more choice from XFX and we have delivered.    Read Here   discuss here

Razer's Robert Krakoff - Co-founder & President Interview

   Im Robert Krakoff, also known as Razerguy and I am the co-founder and President of Razer. My main duties are to represent Razer to both the gaming and press communities and to help build the end users rapport to the Razer brand.    Read Here   discuss here

Intel talks to the Driver Heaven Public

   We have been beavering away behind the scenes for our Nehalem review due for publication very shortly, however in the interim Intel suggested that we open up a Q&A session and the end result is that some of our public had direct access to the boffins at Intel HQ. Think of this as a taster of what is to come from Driver Heaven next week....    Read Here   discuss here

CoolIT Interview

   The company was founded by Jason Myers, Brydon Gierl and Sandy Scott. The story started when Sandy, an avid PC Gamer, had his NIC continually failing due to the heat generated by a particularly hot graphics card. This is where the creative process began and Sandy came up with the unique and now patented approach of combining TEC's and Liquid for an extreme liquid cooling system.    Read Here   discuss here

Giuseppe Amato, AMD Technical Director for sales and marketing for EMEA

   I am responsible for the 'Value Proposition Department', a newly created division within AMD with the mission of creating and delivering AMD's enhanced client proposition to our customers, end-users and shareholders.    Read Here   

John Byrne, AMD VP of World-Wide GPU & Chipsets

   Hi John, really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us today, how are things settling down now after the AMD/ATI merger?    Read Here   

Dave Orton, President and CEO of ATI

   Both AMD and ATI have been a key figure within the enthusiast community for many years, how do you feel the merger will benefit the consumer?    Read Here   

ATI Catalyst's Terry Makedon and Andrew Dodd

   Thanks for setting up this interview Allan! As with Terry both of us check out DriverHeaven every day to read the news postings, articles and of course the forums. My official title here at ATI is Software Product Manager - my job involves defining the CATALYST roadmap as well as interacting with press, customers and of course our end-users.    Read Here   

Scott Richards, Senior Vice President, Antec

   We recently had time to chat with Scott Richards in Antec about their forthcoming hardware including the high efficiency "Signature" power supply products, unfortunately right now Scott isn't at liberty to divulge detailed information on certain products, but we felt we should at least try!    Read Here   

Thomas Glen, Uberclok PC

   Uberclok Pc are a relatively new company based at 429 W. Ohio #123, Chicago, IL 60610 - they over "pre overclocked" systems with a 3 year warranty and 30 day full refund. We recently chatted with Thomas Glen from the company and asked him a few questions regarding the companies goal and directions. Uberclok have also sent Driver Heaven a system for review which we aim to publish in the not too distant future (once we give it a good thrashing!).    Read Here   

Roy Taylor, vice president of content relations at NVIDIA

   We recently had the chance to sit down with Roy Taylor vice president of content relations at NVIDIA. We talked to him about the "The Way Its Meant To Be Played" program. He speaks about Nvidia policies, driver optimisations and why Nvidia are currently leading the graphics sector.    Read Here   discuss here