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Xigmatek Interview with Tony Sahin

by Stuart Davidson - 9th Mar 2010
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Tony Sahin - Chief Engineer at XIGMATEK

Adrian Thompson

HH: Hi Tony, can you tell us what your job title is and what the main aspects of the role are?
Tony: My Job title is CHIEF ENGINEER and I am in charge of all product designs and technical specs as well as technical support.
HH: How did you get into the industry, were you a PC enthusiast who looked for a role or did it maybe happen by chance?
Tony: I was into PC’s since I was 8 years old. Prior to working for Xigmatek I worked for one of our competitors as a technical marketing specialist.
HH: Tell us a little bit about the history of Xigmatek.
Tony: Xigmatek is actually a union of various companies which each bring their own unique view of the market to our products. In short, our philosophy is to bring the end user a good product with a maximum performance but at a reasonable price. Value is always of paramount importance.
HH: What is your favourite Xigmatek product in the current range? Why is it your favourite?
Tony: I have to choose two, UTGARD and THOR’S HAMMER. They look gorgeous when installed and the performance is awesome but also the features you have on UTGARD are fantastic. Aspects such as TOOL FREE DESIGN, LED FANS, HDD TRAY’S for 2,5” (SSD’S) and 3,5” are great. Also, the MESH SIDE PANEL means you can add up 3 more fans with sizes of 120mm, 140mm and even 200mm. THOR’S HAMMER is just a damn nice designed cooler which supports a PUSH / PULL fan configuration. It supports all sockets that are on the market and also has a very shiny black nickel design. DESIGN MEETS PERFORMANCE – our philosophy!
HH: What has been the best selling product in the last 12months?
Tony: THOR’S HAMMER and MIDGARD CHASSIS mainly because of their great value. Also the design is a huge advantage. Enthusiasts want something special about their hardware… this is where XIGMATEK comes into the field! MIDGARD was the world’s first mid-range chassis with 100% black design INSIDE & OUTSIDE!
HH: What do you feel is the number 1 reason someone should choose Xigmatek over a competitor?
Tony: Our after sales care... We pay attention on the after sales support and service more than our competitors. The main aspect of this is our RMA process where we always look to replace faulty components in a timely fashion.

Also the product design is a big reason to buy Xigmatek, our products always look fantastic.
HH: Over the past 12 months or so we have seen a number of liquid cooling solutions hit the market which make installation simple for users, bringing the technology to mainstream users. Your core products are traditional air-coolers, any plans to move into the liquid cooling market? If not, why not?
Tony: At the moment we are holding back from releasing Water Cooling components. Check the reviews, high end AIR COOLERS are quite similar in performance but way cheaper in price.
HH: What do you see as being the next big development in PSUs? Is striving to achieve 80 Plus Gold the main aim or will something else be the main focus in upcoming products?
Tony:We will definitely fulfill the 80 PLUS GOLD standard. As time passes this will be the our main focus and as many of our PSUs as possible will achieve this rating while maintaining the great features and design we are known for.
HH: We are sure you have numerous products in development, any sneak peeks you can give our readers on upcoming models?
Tony: Honestly I would love to but I can’t due to strict NDA’s... stay tuned though, you will love what we have in store over the next 12 months.
HH: Is there anything you would like to say to our readers in closing?
Tony: XIGMATEK, where European design meets high end quality. You WILL see the difference in our products compared to the competition.
Thanks to Tony Sahin - Chief Engineer for Xigmatek
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