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SAPPHIRE launches 100,000 dollar prize giveaway

by MIG-31 | Thu 09 September 2010, 15:30 | Discuss

SAPPHIRE Technology is launching a huge prize giveaway through its members’ fan club – the SAPPHIRE Select Club (SSC). From now until December 17th, 2010, prizes globally totaling $100,000 USD must be won, including motor scooters, Apple iPads and Apple iPod Touch.

During the contest period, anyone who purchases a SAPPHIRE HD 5570 in one of the participating countries* can enter the contest by becoming an SSC member and registering their HD 5570. Countries will be added throughout the contest period.  Existing SSC members can add a new HD 5570 card to their registration in order to enter the contest.**

Every week during the contest, winners will be chosen from the global entries to receive one of 25 Apple iPads and 25 Apple iPod Touch’s. All contestants will be entered in the grand finale draw on December 18th, 2010 to win one of 20 motor scooters, including Yamaha and Honda models depending on the winner’s location. There will be at least one winner of a motor scooter in each participating country.

Membership of the SSC is free – anyone can join anytime and enjoy great benefits – and users can upgrade to Gold membership by entering the serial number of their SAPPHIRE graphics card. Thousands of graphics cards qualify for Gold membership.*** SAPPHIRE Select Club regularly offers its members the chance to download games, software and other utilities as well as the chance to enter prize contests for hardware.

This is the largest contest to date, with the largest prize pool yet !

For more details visit Sapphire


* For a full list of participating countries, please check our website at Sapphire 100k website

** No purchase necessary where required by law, please see Terms and Conditions posted at: Sapphire 100k website

Update 10/9: Further countries will be added in the near future.

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RE: SAPPHIRE launches 100,000 dollar prize giveaway
Posted by Erroneus | 9th Sep 2010 3:42pm
United Kingdom
United States of America

RE: SAPPHIRE launches 100,000 dollar prize giveaway
Posted by Takaharu | 9th Sep 2010 4:02pm
Here’s what you need to do:
1. Buy a SAPPHIRE HD 5570
2. Join SSC or log in if you’re already a member
3. Find your Serial Number & Register your HD 5570 by becoming a Gold SSC member
4. Enter the contest.

What if I don't want a 5570?
RE: SAPPHIRE launches 100,000 dollar prize giveaway
Posted by Judas | 9th Sep 2010 4:17pm
i've 3 5770's...

but you have to have a 5570?
RE: SAPPHIRE launches 100,000 dollar prize giveaway
Posted by niceguyrichy | 9th Sep 2010 5:26pm
just print the form and send it in.
i bet most people wont bother to, so better chance of winning something
RE: SAPPHIRE launches 100,000 dollar prize giveaway
Posted by comp_ali | 9th Sep 2010 6:01pm
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