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Powercolor adds Liquid Cooling to the HD6970

by MIG-31 | Fri 31 December 2010, 7:35 | Discuss

TUL Corporation, a leading manufacturer of AMD graphics cards, announces the world’s first liquid cooling solution for the HD6970 series. The PowerColor Liquid Cooling Solution (LCS) HD6970 2GB GDDR5 is once again working with renowned cooling manufacturer EKwaterblocks to bring the ultimate cooling solution to the HD6970. The offering aims to provide extraordinary thermal performance to enhance overclocking ability while allowing optimum system stability.

The PowerColor LCS HD6970 has a full water block mounted on the card, fully covering the key components which can be dissipate the heat from the copper base design. This allows the reduction of GPU temperatures under 50°C even under full load. PowerColor packages a high-flow 3/8" and 1/2" fittings (barbs) to maximize water flow with captured o-rings to prevent leakage. Gamers can customize their own liquid cooling system using these two fittings.

“The coolest temperatures and the fastest performance is what we guarantee to add into the LCS HD6970 features,” said Ted Chen, CEO of TUL Corporation. "With all the key features come with this latest solution, we believe all these benefits can make it the best solution ever for hardcore gamers and benchmark ethusiasts.”

Compatible with all the latest features, the PowerColor LCS HD6970 has a factory overclocked setting at 925 MHz core and 1425 MHz memory, easily pushing the overclocking ability to maximize its performance. The card also comes equipped with Volterra’s digital power solution, maximizes its transforming efficiency and delivers the best output quality through its high frequency feature, enabling the most efficient way to boost up gaming experience.

Source: Powercolor

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RE: Powercolor adds Liquid Cooling to the HD6970
Posted by Relayer | 31st Dec 2010 8:03am
Powercolor makes some interesting designs. They seem to want to cater to the enthusiasts. I think they need to offer a lifetime warranty to establish themselves as a top quality brand with the public. That and get someone to write their press releases who is more fluent in English.
RE: Powercolor adds Liquid Cooling to the HD6970
Posted by OldBuzzard | 31st Dec 2010 8:29am
Looks good, but I'm not a fan of using barbs for the fittings.

I much prefer compression fittings. Easier to use, and less likely to leak.

Koolance has a WB for the 6950/6970 as well, and allows you to use the fitting of your choice.

VID-AR697 (Radeon HD 6970/6950) [no nozzles] - Water cooling systems, pc liquid cooling kit, cpu, video card, hard drive
RE: Powercolor adds Liquid Cooling to the HD6970
Posted by Earthmonger | 31st Dec 2010 4:12pm
At least they went with EK this round, rather than cheap crap like Swiftech or Koolance. Still prefer Watercool or AquaComputer, but EK is okay.

And that is EK's basic 6970 block with very minor tweaks; it'll fit compressions just fine.
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