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SteelSeries WoW Legendary Mouse Hands-On Review

by Stuart Davidson | Thu 18 August 2011, 22:00 | Discuss

SteelSeries WoW Legendary Edition Mouse –Hands On Review

Back in 2008 SteelSeries launched their original World of WarCraft mouse and WOW fans went crazy for the new peripheral. It sold out immediately and continued to do so well into 2009. At the end of 2010 they refreshed the product with a design that reflected the Cataclysm expansion which Blizzard had released and now, nearly 9 months later a new model has been announced.

Hardware Heaven has one of the first samples and while we work on our full review, we thought it was worth taking a quick look at the new Legendary Edition and giving our initial thoughts.

WoW Legendary Mouse Box

The Legendary Edition WoW mouse has a more compact box than the original models, also shown above. This new packaging which is heavily WoW influenced shows an artsy image of the mouse and gives an indication of one key change, a reduced size.

WoW Legendary Mouse Compare

The reduced size and new ergonomic shape can clearly be seen in the above image where we sit the new version alongside the original and Cataclysm models. The new model measures 40x81x115 (HxWxL) and weighs 115grams.

 WoW Legendary Mouse

WoW Legendary Mouse Left

In the above images the high shine finish of the mouse top can be seen, along with its rubberized sides which assist with grip. There are 11 buttons on the Legendary Edition with four located in the thumb location and one on the right side of the mouse.

WoW Legendary Mouse Light

The mouse also has a light up WoW logo in the palm area which can be configured in the driver for various pulse settings as well as 16.8million different colours. Our preference was the default orange which looks great with the Thunderfury inspired design.

WoW Legendary Mouse Base

The Legendary Edition connects to our system via a rubberised cable, rather than braided, and has three feet on the base to ensure a great gliding experience. In terms of specification we get 3600frames per second, 130 inches per second, 3200 counts per inch, 30G of acceleration and a lift off distance of 2mm from this Windows and Mac capable mouse.

WoW Legendary Mouse Control Panel


As always the latest World Of WarCraft mouse from SteelSeries comes with a WoW inspired control panel which allows full customisation of the mouse buttons, including Macro’s. We also get integration within the game, a feature which sets this MMO mouse ahead of other models.

Initial User Experience

The little brother of the Cataclysm mouse, the Legendary Edition, has its own unique feel thanks to the more compact shape. This new ergonomic design makes the mouse feel much more like a standard mouse and it is therefore easy to pick up and play with whereas the older designs took some getting used to. We love the finish on this mouse, overall it looks great and the light up area adds some extra aesthetic appeal which is always appreciated.

In terms of software use, the control panel works well and is intuitive with the WoW styling fitting in nicely given the target market. The in game integration is of course one of the key features for this mouse and it works well, matching the older models. When playing we found the sensor to be more than adequate for WoW gameplay and the more compact size made reaching each of the buttons easier.

The Legendary Edition World of WarCraft mouse from SteelSeries retails for around £55 and easily achives our Recommended award. Stay tuned for a more in-depth article when we have some further gameplay time racked up with the mouse.


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RE: SteelSeries WoW Legendary Mouse Hands-On Review
Posted by Trusteft | 19th Aug 2011 12:32am
When you do the review, do you think you could please take a comparison photo of them from the top?
RE: SteelSeries WoW Legendary Mouse Hands-On Review
Posted by Veridian3 | 19th Aug 2011 12:34am
RE: SteelSeries WoW Legendary Mouse Hands-On Review
Posted by Trusteft | 19th Aug 2011 1:36am
Originally Posted by Veridian3 View Post

Thank you.
RE: SteelSeries WoW Legendary Mouse Hands-On Review
Posted by matt_99 - Guest | 24th Aug 2011 1:36am
In the in depth review can you show how this mouse handles other types of games esp rpg games? I don't play WoW but play other rpgs (single player and MMOs). I like the shape and button placement of this mouse.
RE: SteelSeries WoW Legendary Mouse Hands-On Review
Posted by Veridian3 | 24th Aug 2011 9:28am
Can do.
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