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The Saboteur - ATI PC driver issues

by Allan Campbell | Fri 04 December 2009, 19:33 | Discuss

A few days ago our sister site Gamingheaven reviewed The Saboteur on both Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. We noticed people on our forums complaining about issues when running with ATI graphics cards on the PC platform. We were also pointed to a forum thread on Electronic Arts support forums about the same issues.

I decided to give AMD a call to inform them of the issue and they immediately got in touch with Electronic Arts to try and work through the issues. AMD's official response to us was "Thanks for bringing this to our attention, we are now fully engaged with EA, and are helping them any way we can to patch the game for users experiencing crashes. Although the updates from the patch will have to come from EA, all I can say is that they have our full engineering support to root cause the issue."

AMD are now working with Electronic Arts to resolve these issues for AMD/ATI users.

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RE: The Saboteur - ATI PC driver issues
Posted by comp_ali | 4th Dec 2009 7:47pm
Good news ,thanks for that. hope they get it sorted out quickly
RE: The Saboteur - ATI PC driver issues
Posted by SeraphicSorcerer | 4th Dec 2009 11:02pm
Should be interesting to see what happens. Thats good you've got your contacts though.
RE: The Saboteur - ATI PC driver issues
Posted by Chaos | 4th Dec 2009 11:50pm
nice to see them working together
RE: The Saboteur - ATI PC driver issues
Posted by Zardon | 4th Dec 2009 11:52pm
AMD seemed genuinely concerned, they do have a lot of respect for their customers. I feel in this case the pandemic situation might have had something to do with it. hopefully its rectified shortly, I notice the EA staff are now in the thread on their official support forums making statements which is a good sign.
RE: The Saboteur - ATI PC driver issues
Posted by Shaga | 6th Dec 2009 6:34am
I still don't see path happening as the devs are out. EA didn't make the game.
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