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ASUS ROG GX1000 Laser Gaming Mouse Launched

by MIG-31 | Fri 02 November 2012, 17:32 | Discuss

The ROG GX1000 laser gaming mouse ships with high precision sensors capable of up to 8200 dpi and PTFE feet for effortless surface grip, giving gamers instant-response capabilities with every move. Its ergonomic design further offers optimal hand comfort to eliminate fatigue and increase accuracy even after long hours of gaming. Quick-access customizable dpi switching and indication plus six programmable macros cater to games of all genres, and the trademark ROG logo emblazoned on the mouse maintains stylish consistency with other ROG products. The GX1000 truly showcases those who wield it as belonging to an elite group of gamers.

Precision performance customization

The GX1000 uses PTFE feet to literally glide across nearly all surfaces, while adjustable click-in weights allow gamers to tune mouse heft to their gaming style. Four levels of dpi switching and LED indicators (red, orange, green, black) give customers the ability to instantaneously switch and verify mouse resolutions from 50dpi to an impressive 8200dpi. Six programmable macros and special gaming features such as response speed settings can be easily accessed and customized from within the intuitive user interface, helping gamers set up profile preferences with just a few clicks. The GX1000 comes bundled with its very own custom high quality ROG mouse pad, presenting a genuine top-tier gaming mouse designed to meet the demands of even the most dedicated PC enthusiasts.

Imbued with the spirit of ROG

Following extensive testing and trials, the ROG design team succeeded in crafting an industry-leading gaming mouse. With its sleek yet tough brushed aluminum finish and premium coating, the GX1000 embodies the built-to-last ROG gaming creed. Its ROG logo lights up in four colors, which can be defined by users and assigned to different profiles. Using advanced technology and distinct ROG styling, the GX1000 ushers a new phase in premium gaming control excellence.




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RE: ASUS ROG GX1000 Laser Gaming Mouse Launched
Posted by Rewire - Guest | 4th Nov 2012 4:29am
Is it me, or this toy looks just like a Roccat Kova? Just saying....look at it from the behind..they're almost twins. "Treating real gamers like idiots since....forever", that's the only motto i can think of when they pull out this kind of gadgets also, which will break down in just about a year.
RE: ASUS ROG GX1000 Laser Gaming Mouse Launched
Posted by Resistor | 4th Nov 2012 12:04pm
Do I need 8200DPI?
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