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Crysis 3 Trailer

by MIG-31 | Thu 15 November 2012, 7:24 | Discuss

This trailer offers a preview of single-player play in Crysis 3, Crytek's upcoming first-person shooter sequel. Word is: "The unnatural power of the Nanodome has transformed the train yards of New York City into a grassland teeming with wild vegetation & opposing CELL artillery. Prophet and Psycho must venture through the heavily guarded Field to meet up with the rebel insurgency. Prophet's use of the Nanosuit and alien weapons will be critical to to [sic] get through the sandbox of the Fields level.


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RE: Crysis 3 Trailer
Posted by Takaharu | 15th Nov 2012 8:07am
Still my favourite single player FPS (series) and actually has a viable reason why your health regenerates when you're shot.
Bit of a jip that you get 1 for free if you pre-order 3. We've played 1, that's why we want 3!
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