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Overclockers UK exclusive: Ozone Xenon Gaming Mouse in Red, White and Black

by MIG-31 | Fri 16 November 2012, 16:41 | Discuss

Ozone Gaming Gear from Spain goes by the motto “it's all about the evolution“, as it is a brand which has been created by gamers for gamers. The Team  aims to deliver products utilizing elaborate engineering and construction along with reasonable pricing. Every gamer should be able to step over the boundaries and enjoy playing games to the fullest extend. The palette of Ozone products range from headsets and keyboard to mice and accessories. Their latest addition to the range is the Xenon gaming mouse, which is available in three colors.

The Xenon is an excellent gamer mouse of the newest generation, combining incredible performance with a cool look and feel. It was engineered with the best compatibility in mind, offering the ability to adapt to various styles of gaming and utmost comfort for right- and left-handed gamers. The Ozone Xenon manages to deliver in every scenario.

Rubber pads on both sides of the mouse offer a firm grip, while large Teflon sliders  on the underside, which make up 30% of the surface area, ensure effortless movement during heated gaming sessions. The USB cable is protected by a woven cloth lining, ensuring the long-levity of the Ozone Xenon Gaming Mouse.

Inside the symmetrical Xenon mouse, an optical sensor from Avago ensures high-performance gaming with directly digitalized 3.500 DPI. The polling rate may be selected from four settings with an LED indicator letting the user know which setting has been chosen. The USB cable with a gold plated connector has a length of 1.8 meters, plenty of length for every desktop. On top of that, both the mouse wheel and DPI switch feature a red backlight.

The Ozone Xenon Gaming Mouse is available immediately for £24.98 exclusively at  Overclockers.

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