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Hitman Absolution launch trailer

by MIG-31 | Fri 16 November 2012, 17:43 | Discuss

With just days to go before its November 20th release, Square Enix has released its final launch trailer for Hitman: Absolution.

The short also reveals the first review scores for the game, which are hugely encouraging.

X360 magazine scored it 10/10 describing the title as “one of the best games we have ever played” while Official Xbox Magazine, Official PlayStation Magazine, PSM3 and GamesMaster all scored it at 9/10.

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RE: Hitman Absolution launch trailer
Posted by mkk | 17th Nov 2012 10:56pm
Can't wait to strangle people with piano wire and wear their clothes.

Hmm.., maybe I shouldn't have written that.
RE: Hitman Absolution launch trailer
Posted by LeanWolf | 17th Nov 2012 11:53pm
Why? seems right in line with "Trump/Palin 2016"
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