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GIGABYTE 4K Ultra HD Collage Released

by MIG-31 | Wed 06 February 2013, 12:54 | Discuss

GIGABYTE TECHNOLOGY Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of motherboards and graphics cards, today announced availability of the latest driver update for Intel® HD4000 graphics, providing support for Ultra HD 4K resolution using new Intel® Collage technology.

Powered by Intel® HD4000 Graphics available on 3rd generation Intel® Core™ i5 or i7 processors, GIGABYTE Dual Thunderbolt™ motherboards can take advantage of the new 4K Collage graphics driver to power an Ultra HD 4k resolution video stream split across four standard HD resolution displays. Intel® Collage display technology is easy to setup, with Dual Thunderbolt™ ports to provide a total of four digital outputs for an incredible combined Ultra HD resolution of 3840 x 2400 pixels.

GIGABYTE Dual Thunderbolt™ Models & Driver Download Links:


Z777z-up5th / Z777x-up4th / Z777mx-d3h th

Two DisplayPort to Dual-DisplayPort adaptors were used in GIGABYTE’s testing and implementation of the Intel® Collage Display feature. You can find more detailed information including a setup guide and component compatibility list on the GIGABYTE website here.

More pictures are available in a photo album on the GIGABYTE UK Facebook page: Here.

You can also learn more by watching a short introductory video.

GIGABYTE Motherboard’s Dual Thunderbolt™ Ports
As the first motherboards to be certified by Intel® featuring Dual Thunderbolt™ ports, GIGABYTE’s ‘TH’ models offer up to 10Gbps data transfer speeds from each port; this means you can transfer industry-leading HD graphics and data simultaneously. Each Thunderbolt™ port complies with the Display Port 1.1 standard (with support for 2K resolutions from each port), and therefore provide a combined throughput of up to 4K for the ultimate in display future-proofing.


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RE: GIGABYTE 4K Ultra HD Collage Released
Posted by Judas | 6th Feb 2013 5:30pm
They kinda screwed up on the monitor discriptions and resolutions..

4x 1080p is 3840x2160p.. not 3840x2400..

They are using 4x 1920x1200 16:10 monitors.. not 16:9 1080p monitors.

In either case... 4x Monitors in a quad array is NOT good for watching video or playing games.. mind you 4k resolution playing games on an HD4000 intel graphics is going to make it a complete bust regardless of how much you can try and oc the igpu on a 3770k. 1080p yeah sure.. playable... but 4k.. hell no, i think the just shy of 2gb vram shared igpu limitation is going to kick in damn fast as well.

What they should have tried to do is make a 5 Display arrangement... but then it wouldn't be classified as true 4k... then again 3840x2400 isn't "proper" 4k anyways lol.
RE: GIGABYTE 4K Ultra HD Collage Released
Posted by blibbax | 6th Feb 2013 5:44pm
It's significant for when it becomes possible to buy 4k screens that are actually made up of multiple panels, like the IBM T221.
RE: GIGABYTE 4K Ultra HD Collage Released
Posted by Judas | 6th Feb 2013 7:32pm
IBM T221 isn't exactly an in demand item nor is the technology remotely "friendly" today when taking into consideration of it's valued price and relatively poor quality screen if it were to be compared to again.. modern tech.

While i would have thought that someone would have spit out a quad panel single monitor display ages ago.... I highly doubt they would implement a multi facitated connection system to make use of it properly. Instead they would have built it with a single HDMI/DP that supports a directly single cable feed of 4k material. then split that digital information accordingly to the rest of the individual panels.

I know they can do it... I was looking at one design in which someone had taken 4x 1080p 20" displays.... disassembled all the components and then retrofitted it all together using a .2mm bezel to keep the screens stable and aligned (and also to prevent them from just falling out of the casing that was holding them). Using 2x DVI-D ~> DVI-I adapters so that each panel used a DVI-I connection.... this allowed for only 2x DVI-D ports to be used to drive the 4 displays.

Now with the sapphire DP quad Box.. one could just use a single DP connector to drive all 4 displays.

I would be estatic to see Quad panel displays start showing up... they would be a fraction of the price of a true 4K display and i'm sure many of them would sell.. specially considering that nowadays you can in fact get 1080p displays for sub 200 bucks.. meanin that they could likely develope something that would only cost 800 bucks (which would include the necessary connectors) as they wouldn't need to use "quite" as much material to build it.
RE: GIGABYTE 4K Ultra HD Collage Released
Posted by LesserHellspawn | 8th Feb 2013 7:25am
Yes, pretty please. I'm really sick of how 1920x1080 killed development dead in it's tracks for at least 5 years now. I'm happy to have 1920x1200, would love 1560x1440, but that costs just too much.
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