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Apple ARM deal Rumour

by Tahir Khan | Thu 22 April 2010, 7:55 | Discuss

Unless someone is pulling someone elses leg, Apple are positioning themselves to purchase ARM for a paltry $8 billion.

This is not an internet based rumour either, the London Evening Standard has received reports, or hearsay, that Apple is after ARM. It certainly has the cash to do so with liquid assets of $42 billion. ARM has the best performance/per watt technology for the mobile phone market and other embedded markets with its ARM based Cortex processors and currently has 5% of the microcontroller market.

"A deal would make a lot of sense for Apple," said one trader. "That way, they could stop ARM's technology from ending up in everyone else's computers and gadgets."

The chipmaker's shares shot up 8.1p to 251.1p, topping the Footsie winners' list, as more than five million shares changed hands by midday.

Happy days for those that own ARM shares.

Source: Macrumours

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RE: Apple ARM deal Rumour
Posted by temeteus82 | 22nd Apr 2010 8:17am
Looks like Apple is trying to take over the mobile CPU market ... Not good!
RE: Apple ARM deal Rumour
Posted by EfrainMan | 22nd Apr 2010 4:49pm
Hell, with that kind of cash they could buy AMD, too
RE: Apple ARM deal Rumour
Posted by Necrosis | 24th Apr 2010 7:36am
I think buying AMD would make more sense.
RE: Apple ARM deal Rumour
Posted by comp_ali | 24th Apr 2010 10:45am
Originally Posted by Necrosis View Post
I think buying AMD would make more sense.
Imagine iRaedon , iPhenom with insane pricing.won't be buying any AMD then.
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