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NVIDIA Surround featuring 3D Vision

by Stuart Davidson | 16/09/2010

Today we take a look at how to set up a 3D Vision Surround system and then run it through a selection of real world gaming tests to find out the performance level we can achieve on the latest driver.

We will include a full selection of 5760x1080 screenshots, 5760x1080 gameplay videos and all of this running on three Asus VG236H screens with Zotac's GTX 480 AMP! Edition in SLI.

Gigabyte GTX 275 SOC & Nvidia 3D Vision

by Stuart Davidson | 26/10/2009

Today we have Gigabytes GTX 275 Super Overclock in our labs which takes nVidias GTX275 to a whole new level. To make things even more interesting we have paired this impressive card with Nvidias 3D Vision kit, today we see if the latest development in display technology is ready for the mainstream market.

Palit & Gainward Geforce GT220

by Stuart Davidson | 12/10/2009

Despite Nvidia having a strong product catalogue rumours have been rife in the last week or so about the future of their mid and high range products. It is business as usual in the budget range today however as we see the launch of a new card in the sub $79 price range. This isnt just a cut down version of a different card though; for once we have a budget model which brings something a little different to Nvidias product range.

Silverstone Raven 2 (RV02) Chassis

by Zardon | 06/09/2009

SilverStone are well known in enthusiast circles as being one of the most exquisite designers of modern day computer chassis. Today we are taking a look at their Raven RV02 Chassis - the followup to the RV01 - which we reviewed way back in April of this year. Silverstone have taken onboard specific criticisms of the original case, such as the front door mechanism and the top panel design and have opted for something quite different, yet equally as radical.

PNY 9400 GT // Gigabyte 9600 GT Graphics Cards

by Nathan Marks | 27/04/2009

High end graphics cards such as Nvidias GTX295 and ATIs 4870x2 are the stuff of dreams for most of us. With the current economic climate and tightening budgets it is important we focus on some of the more affordable solutions and today we are doing just that by looking at two cards available from the current Nvidia lineup, Gigabytes 1GB 9600 GT and a 9400 GT from PNY.

Sapphire Radeon HD 4670 GDDR4

by Nathan Marks | 17/02/2009

Today we are going to look at a £75 offering from Sapphire, the HD 4670. We looked at a similar model a few months ago from Sapphire and at the time we were impressed by the value it offered to the mainstream customer. Sapphire has completely revisited the card, adding GDDR4 memory and a brand new cooler to this mid-range card.

Enlight EN-2413 Case

by Stuart Davidson | 27/10/2008

Enlight are a Taiwanese company who produce some unique all in one systems as well as Power Supplies and PC chassis. In this review we will be focusing on one of the latter, a recently released model which goes by the name of EN-2413. Enlight market this case in the £50 range and claim it is designed to house cool high specification processors and components so as well as looking at the product in detail we will also test the thermal performance as part of this review.

ATI Radeon HD 4550

by Stuart Davidson | 06/10/2008

Today's review subject, the Radeon HD 4550, which sits nicely between the 3450 and 4650 in ATIs product catalogue and competes directly against the GeForce 9400 GT. In this review we will be comparing those two cards in a selection of the latest games as well as seeing how each fairs in some high definition playback tests.

Budget Graphics Card Roundup

by Grace | 08/08/2008

Today we will have a look at the gaming performance of seven different budget graphics card products from various manufacturers. The products on test today are all priced between £20 and £70, yet the performance differences between them are vast, making some usable only for HTPC use and 2D gaming while others can be used to power a relatively decent gaming machine.

Akasa Vortexx Neo

by Zardon | 04/08/2008

Modern GPU chips have ever growing cooling needs, especially under overclocked conditions. Reference coolers aren't always able to keep up with the heat dissipation demands of these chips and the user may be able to get a lot more out of their card with the purchase of a more sophisticated cooling solution. Today we're going to look at the Akasa Vortexx Neo, which claims to combine high thermal performance with low noise levels.

Inno3D 9600 GSO, BFG 9600 GT & BFG 8800 G

by Stuart Davidson | 25/07/2008

Today in the first of a two part article we will be looking at some of the Nvidia cards that are on offer in the £70-£150 ($120-$190) range to demonstrate how much performance each provides. In the near future we will be following up with a look at cards in the £30-£70 range.

Corsair Dominator & Crucial Ballistix 4GB

by Stuart Davidson | 24/06/2008

The demand for four gigabytes of memory has risen with the release and adoption of Windows Vista amongst the enthusiast audience. Thankfully the prices have also dropped considerably since the days of XP. Vista changed the outlook for many people as it can make far better use of memory than XP, SuperFetch for example preloads the most used programs into memory for faster access.

Avivo HD Vs Purevideo HD

by Stuart Davidson | 16/04/2008

Every time a new graphics card is released we hear great claims about how the new video enhancements will improve our viewing experience or that the hardware is as perfect as it can get in the High Definition HQV Benchmark. Unfortunately, for many reasons most end users have to pretty much accept these claims as it is not really possible for the average consumer to set up two identical systems, side by side and see what the differences are. Well we have and the results are fascinating !

Midrange Graphics Card Round Up

by Stuart Davidson | 11/04/2008

Today we take a look at a plethora of mid range graphics cards available to you, the consumer. The cards in the lineup today are: Zotac 9600 GT Amp! Edition, Gainward Bliss 9600 GT, Asus EN9600GT, XFX 9600 GT XXX, Palit 9600GT Sonic, Gainward 8800 GTS Golden Sample (Goes Like Hell), Zotac 8800 GT 1GB, Asus 3850 OC Gear. Which one is worth your money?

Titan Twin Turbo TTC-SCS88TZ VGA cooler

by Grace | 08/04/2008

The mid range graphics card sector tends to have some relatively poor cooler design as well as small, noisy fan configurations so with this in mind today we will take a look at a very large VGA cooler by Titan, the Twin Turbo CSC88TZ. Despite its massive size and twin fan design, the Twin Turbo is designed for installation only on low to mid range VGA cards.

Coolit Freezone Elite/Pure

by Stuart Davidson | 02/04/2008

There are enthusiast users who want to get as much performance as possible out of their components and for that they require some serious cooling. These are exactly the users that CoolIT are targeting with their pre-plumbed and factory sealed Freezone Elite which makes use of maintenance refrigerated liquid. For the beginner enthusiast or more price conscious user the Pure CPU cooler shares many of the same components as the Elite and we will be taking a look at both products today.

9800 GTX/X2 and 3870 Roundup

by Stuart Davidson | 31/03/2008

No, its not an April's fools joke, today we have yet another launch from Nvidia, the new 9800 GTX which is set to replace the 8800 GTX of old. Not content with just reviewing the new GTX however we have several new GX2's as well as a kick ass new Asus 3870 X2 in our test labs today.

XFX 9800 GX2 / 790i Ultra SLi

by Stuart Davidson | 17/03/2008

Today is the launch of two high end Nvidia products. The 790i motherboard which supports DDR3 right up to 2000mhz and the 9800 GX2 the latest in the G9x range of GPU's. Are they worth your hard earned cash? read our 29 page indepth analysis to find out.

Alienware Area-51 m9750

by Stuart Davidson | 05/03/2008

The latest 17Ē model to be released by Alienware is the Area-51 m9750. This particular model features the latest Core2 parts with excellent hard drive options and continues an initiative that Alienware first introduced in 2006, mobile SLI.

Rock Xtreme CTX

by Stuart Davidson | 18/06/2006

The world of performance laptops has always been an interesting one; we first looked at a “gamer” laptop in February 2004 and saw that speed didn’t necessarily mean portability. The 3.0Ghz P4 and Radeon 9600 Pro in that system required a rather large, and heavy, chassis and so really limited your travel options. Since then the majority of manufacturers have been forced to follow suit and generally if you want a top performing system you really do need to buy big. However this is slowly changing with the release of Intel’s Core CPU’s and some tough competition in the mobility graphics segment with ATI and Nvidia trying to outdo each other in terms of speed, temperature and power requirements. The result is that system builders can fit top performing kit into their laptops whilst for the most part maintaining portability. We have one such system in for review today, it’s Rock’s Xtreme CTX which comes with the excellent Core Duo 2.16Ghz CPU and the high spec ATI Mobility X1800 XT graphics chip.

ATI 9550 / Nvidia FX5500 / Nvidia FX 5200

by Zardon | 06/07/2004

In this "low-end" sector of the gaming market you would be hoping to put out some decent framerates at 1024x768, anything above this and you start falling into the zone dominated by the mid range boards such as the NV FX5700 and ATIs 9600 (X600/PCIe) series. Bear in mind the boards on test today cost between 60 and 90 euros, strictly for those on a budget, so compromises have to be made.

ATI Free for all

by Zardon | 30/06/2004

X800XT PE AGP 520/560 X800XT PE PCIe 520/560 X800XT PCIe 500/500 X800 PRO AGP 475/450 X600XT PCIe 500/365 X300 PCIe 325/195 9800XT AGP 412/365 9700 AGP 275/270 9600 XT 500/300

Alienware Area 51 M

by Stuart Davidson | 24/02/2004

Alienware are a company that are synonymous with quality systems aimed at the gamer who wants the best system money can buy. As well as the excellent desktops that Alienware produce they also make a several high performance laptop models which come equipped with components that most desktop users would love, Pentium 4 processor up to 3.2Ghz, DDR3200 ram, ATI Mobility Radeon 9600 pro graphics.

POV 5900 XT and Sapphire 9600 XT

by Stuart Davidson | 15/02/2004

A few months ago we reviewed the Geforce FX 5700 Ultra, at the time it was Nvidias direct competitor to the Radeon 9600XT. At that time we were one of the few websites to suggest that the 9600XT was the better card and that the 5700Ultra just wasnt quite good enough. Today we have our first look at the 5900XT, Nvidias new challenger for the mainstream market.

ATI All-in-Wonder 9600 Pro

by Craig Humphreys | 06/12/2003

The ATI All-in-Wonder 9600 Pro is ATIís brand new mainstream multimedia card. A combination of an extremely advanced graphics chipset and arguably the best multimedia packages available on the planet smashed together into a single AGP 8x video card.

PNY 5900 v Hercules 9800

by Stuart Davidson | 19/10/2003

Recently we had the chance to review the 2 new additions to the Radeon range, the 9600 and 9800 Xtís. Before the next batch of Geforce cards hit the market we now have a little reminder of whatís available at the lower price point of the enthusiasts market, the 5900 non ultra and the 9800 non pro. With the addition of NV38 and R360 the price points for these cards will surely fall and these cards might just be the best value for money of the range, read on to find out how they perform.

Radeon 9600 XT 128 meg

by Stuart Davidson | 14/10/2003

On the 30th September ATI announced 2 new products, the Radeon 9800 XT and the 9600 XT. Reviews of the 9800 XT have been available on the web for since the announcement however information on the 9600 XT performance has been scarce. Today we have the opportunity to review the 9600 XT and show you just how much performance the card has.

Gigabyte Radeon 9600 Pro and Sapphire Radeon 9600 Pro

by Stuart Davidson | 08/08/2003

Our recent reviews have concentrated on the high end of the Graphics card market. Today we have the chance to step back into the mainstream area as we review two Radeon 9600 Pros.