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MSI GT70 Dominator Laptop featuring NVIDIA GTX 880M Graphics Review

by Stuart Davidson | 12/03/2014

Today MSI refresh their laptop range, bringing to their systems NVIDIA GeForce GTX 800M series GPUs and pairing them with existing high end parts such as Core i7 CPUs. Today we take a look at the GT70 a high end system which uses the GTX 880M 8GB GPU and Core i7-4800MQ CPU along with SSDs in RAID and 16GB of DDR3.

Corsair Raptor K40 Gaming Keyboard Review

by Stuart Davidson | 03/03/2014

Today's product takes the rubber/membrane approach for keys and prices it at a competitive $70/£55 with a number of gamer and media features built in. Enter the Corsair Raptor K40...

Alienware 18 Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson | 08/01/2014

On our test bench is the Alienware 18, a laptop/Desktop replacement which features high end Intel CPU and SLI'd 780M GPUs. We will be putting it through its paces in synthetic and real world tests including Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty Ghosts.

MSI GT60 20D (3K Screen) Gaming Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson | 12/11/2013

Today we have a new gaming laptop from MSI on our test bench and as well as being packed with the latest i7 CPU and 780M GPU it also continues their trend of offering one key feature. In this case it is a 3k resolution screen (2880x1620) which should be ideal for content creation and consumption...

ASUS Z87 Motherboard Roundup October 2013

by Stuart Davidson | 15/10/2013

For some time now ASUS haven't been shy to release a wide range of boards for each socket/CPU. In fact some of their product families are well into the double digits in terms of different models. Size, features, price, performance... all can be tweaked to offer a range that meets the needs of every consumer. And that goes for the high end boards too, under the Republic of Gamer branding. So today we take a look at what they offer there in the form of the Maximus VI Extreme, Hero, Gene and Impact.

Z87 Motherboard Roundup July 2013

by Stuart Davidson | 13/07/2013

Today we have another selection of Z87 based boards to look at. These are mid-high end models and each offers something different for the consumer. So let's get started on the ASRock Fatal1ty Z87 Professional, ASUS Maximus VI Gene and MSI Z87 MPower.

Dell XPS 18 Portable All-in-One Desktop Review

by Stuart Davidson | 29/06/2013

So phones start to become something else at around 5-6inches but when does a tablet become something more? Today we look at a device which Dell market as a 'Portable All in One Desktop', the XPS 18. Is it a desktop though... or is it just about the biggest (and most powerful) tablet out there?

Tt eSPORTS Theron Gaming Mouse and Galeru Bungee Review

by Stuart Kerley | 28/06/2013

The Theron mouse is aimed squarely at the real time strategy player with the mouse being promoted and design in partnership with Softball, the StarCraft 2 player from Tt's professional gaming team, the Tt Apollos.

MSI Z87-G45 Gaming vs. Gigabyte Z87-D3HP Motherboard Review

by Stuart Davidson | 02/06/2013

Today we take a look at two boards which look to offer a value option in the Z87 market while maintaining as many features as possible from high end products. First up is Gigabytes Z87-D3HP and then we have the MSI Z87-G45 Gaming. Both will be tested in a selection of synthetic and real world tests which include Crysis 3, Grid 2 and the brand new PCMark 8... all with the i7-4770K on board.

ASRock Fatal1ty X79 Champion Motherboard Review

by Stuart Davidson | 28/05/2013

One of the more recent additions to the high end X79 market is ASRock's Fatal1ty X79 Champion motherboard. With a bunch of high end features such as enhanced on-board audio (including headphone amp) and support for quad SLI as well as the fastest CPUs around there is a lot to make this product worth more than a little consideration. So today we take a look at the Fatal1ty X79 Champion board.

Gigabyte Next Generation Intel Preview (Enhanced Audio Motherboards)

by Kaeyi Dream | 01/05/2013

Last week we went to Taipei, one of the global cities in the production of technology and home to Gigabyte's Head Office. Not only did we have a really interesting tour of their factory detailing how each stage of the production process is carried out but we also had a chance to meet some of their great staff and we were shown their next generation Intel boards. Today we can show you some images as well as talk about what makes them different to the competition... and previous Gigabyte models.

ROCCAT Isku FX Gaming Keyboard Review

by Stuart Kerley | 10/04/2013

Recently ROCCAT updated one of their keyboards, the Isku, branding the new model Isku FX. We liked the original Isku model though we had some small changes which we would have liked to have seen in order to make the keyboard really stand out. So today we'll take a look at the Isku FX and see what changes have been made and whether ROCCAT have addressed any of the points we raised in our original review of the Isku.

Synology DiskStation DS213 Review

by Stuart Davidson | 08/03/2013

Not everyone has the budget, or need, for a 4-bay NAS and so Synology offer models such as the DS213 with two bays. Today we will be reviewing that model while also taking a look at their latest software, DiskStation Manager v4.2 (March 2013 release).

FUNC MS-3 Gaming Mouse Review

by Stuart Kerley | 28/02/2013

Today on our test bench we will be taking a look at FUNC's first gaming mouse in their new range, the MS-3. The MS-3 is a 10 button large gaming mouse with a unique thumbzone button configuration and we are keen to see if it lives up to the quality reputation that FUNC have for their products.

Gigabyte Aivia Osmium Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

by Stuart Kerley | 10/12/2012

Offering some interesting features we put the Osmium through its paces to see if it keeps up the high standard that Aivia/Gigabyte have set.

Gigabyte Z77X-UP7 Motherboard Review

by Stuart Davidson | 25/10/2012

Now six months on from the Z77 launch manufacturers such as Gigabyte are launching their new generation of products based around the chipset. The top model in Gigabytes family is GA-Z77X-UP7 and we have one on our test bench today. It will be put through a selection of synthetic and real world tests to establish how it compares to a first generation Z77 product.

Logitech Ultimate Ears 6000 Headset Review

by Stuart Davidson | 25/09/2012

Looking to get a decent chunk of the portable audio market are Logitech with their Ultimate Ears range. Featuring an over the ear design and iPod/iPhone compatibility the Ultimate Ears 6000 also include active noise cancellation and amplification for those looking at maximum audio quality. Today we have a set on our test bench and will find out if they delivery on the promised audio excellence.

Synology DiskStation DS413j NAS Review

by Stuart Kerley | 04/09/2012

On our test bench today we will be taking a look at Synology's newest four bay network storage device, the DS413j. We will also be having a quick look at some of the new features on the latest version of Synology's operating system DiskStation Manager (DSM) 4.1.

CM Storm Sentinel Advance 2 Gaming Mouse Review

by Stuart Kerley | 13/07/2012

Today on our test bench we have the latest model in CM Storms Sentinel mouse range, the Sentinel Advance 2. We have reviewed both the original Sentinel Advance mouse (back in 2009) and the follow up released in 2011 called the Z3RO-G. We rated both highly and so we were very interested in getting our hands on the latest model.

Building a Low Cost APU System

by Stuart Davidson | 01/06/2012

Recently AMD set us the challenge of building a low cost APU system to see if it would be possible to build a decent media/productivity/gaming PC on a minimal budget. It's something different to a review which is always a nice change so we set about looking at what could be done when pretty much every component has to cost £60 or less.

Intel Core i7-3770K Ivy Bridge Processor Launch Review

by Stuart Davidson | 23/04/2012

Today Intel launch their CPU range and we are combining the i7-3770K with Gigabytes rather impressive looking G1.Sniper 3 and G1.Sniper M3 to find out if these components can make the ultimate Ivy Bridge System. Testing will of course include synthetic and real world, with the likes of 3DMark 11 and Battlefield 3 making an appearance with the GeForce GTX 680.

Intel Z77 Chipset Launch Roundup

by Stuart Davidson | 08/04/2012

Today we have the official Z77 launch and can talk about the boards based upon it without restrictions. So we have gathered a bundle from ASRock, ASUS, ECS, Intel and MSI to compare and find out which offers the best features and performance on Intels new chipset.

Tesoro Durandal Ultimate G1NL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

by Stuart Kerley | 21/02/2012

With a name such as Durandal Ultimate the latest product from Tesoro certainly has a lot to live up to and some fierce competition from the likes of Razers Blackwidow or Steelseries 7G. Let's find out if it is an ideal alternative to more well known alternatives.

Intel Sandy Bridge Extreme and X79 Chipset Launch - Core i7-3960X Processor Review

by Stuart Davidson | 14/11/2011

Updated: ASRock Extreme4 results added. Intel Core i7-3960X Processor and X79 Chipset featuring: ASUS Rampage IV Extreme, ASRock X79 Extreme4, MSI X79A-GD68 8D, ECS X79R-AX and Intel DX79SI Extreme Series Motherboards.

Tt eSPORTS Meka G Unit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

by Stuart Davidson | 04/10/2011

The Meka G1 isn't the only mechanical gaming keyboard that Tt's eSports brand offer, they also have the standard Meka and Meka G Unit. It is the latter we have on our test bench today, a model which sits at the top of the Meka range. Let's find out if the enhanced specifications allow the board to impress.

Intel Z68 Chipset Launch Gigabyte Z68X-UD7-B3 and Asus P8Z68-V Pro Review

by Stuart Davidson | 11/05/2011

Today we have the launch of Intel's new socket 1155 chipset, the Z68 which brings with it a plethora of new motherboards. On our test bench we have two separate approaches; the first is Gigabyte's enthusiast Z68X-UD7-B3 and the second, the ASUS P8Z68-V Pro which is aimed at mainstream consumers. Let's find out how they compete against the P67 and 890FX...

AMD Radeon HD 6450 Graphics Card Review

by Stuart Davidson | 07/04/2011

Earlier in the week we took a look at AMD (and Sapphires) new midrange DirectX 11 GPU and commented at the time that the refresh of lower end parts from 5000 to 6000 series was taking some time. The 6790 filled the gap in the 6000 series at around £110 which left the sub £100 mark to populate and today we get a taste of one model that AMD has to offer in that area with a look at the 6450 which will hit retail in a couple of weeks time.

CM Storm Spawn Gaming Mouse Review

by Stuart Davidson | 05/01/2011

It's another day of launches at CES and today we'll be taking a looking at a new gaming mouse from CM Storm, the Spawn. CM Storm is the eSports arm of Cooler Master and in recent years has impressed us with their products, such as the CM Storm Inferno gaming mouse we reviewed last August.

Intel Core i7-2600K, Core i5-2500K and P67 / H67 Motherboards Review

by Stuart Davidson | 03/01/2011

On our test bench today we have an evolution of the Core architecture in the form of Intels “Sandy Bridge” components. These Include the P67 and H67 chipsets and two CPUs, one from the i5 range and the other from the i7.

Logitech Wireless G700 Gaming Mouse Review

by Stuart Davidson | 03/09/2010

Recently Logitech began refreshing their range of products and coming in at the top end of their family of mice is the G700 which we have on our test bench today. Insanely high DPI, check... large number of programmable buttons, check... on the fly profile switching, check... have Logitech created one of the best gaming mice of all time? Let's find out.

Alienware M17x Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson | 02/07/2010

In June 2009 Alienware/Dell launched the M17x, their first co-developed machine. On launch day we provided a world-exclusive preview of the new machine and today it is time to take a more in-depth look at the features and performance of the latest version of the M17x which contains Intel Core i7 technology.

Quick Preview: ASUS Immensity Concept Board

by Stuart Davidson | 08/06/2010

A bunch of pictures just dropped into our inbox which show one of the next high end boards being designed by ASUS. It is from the Republic of Gamers brand, is Intel based and has all of the features we would expect from a high end board including SATA 6GB/s, USB3, SLI/CrossFire support and then goes a little further with items like Bluetooth.

Intel Core i7-875K and Core i5-655K Processors

by Stuart Davidson | 29/05/2010

Today Intel aims to satisfy the needs of enthusiasts on a budget with the release of the Core i7-875K and Core i5-655K, two processors on Socket 1156 which feature unlocked multipliers.

We will be running each through a selection of real world tests to establish how they compare to the latest offerings from AMD, and finding out how well they overclock using the unlocked multiplier.

AMD Phenom II X6 (& 890FX, 880G, 890GX)

by Stuart Davidson | 27/04/2010

Today we will be taking a look at the AMD 890FX and Phenom II X6 1090T in a selection of real world tests to find out how it fits into the current marketplace. In addition to this we will also cover some additional 890GX products and a few boards which use the new budget 880G chipset to ensure readers have the full picture when it comes to AMD performance.

Logitech G500 Gaming Mouse Review

by Henry Butt | 22/04/2010

We recently looked at Logitechs top end gaming mouse, the G9x, which boasts a huge range of features and great performance. Logitech also produce some budget-friendly gaming mice that have a lower specification and a significantly lower price. Today we are going to look at one such device, the Logitech G500 gaming mouse, which shares a number of features with the G9x, but for a lower price of around £45.

CPU Roundup April 2010

by Henry Butt | 19/04/2010

AMD is well known for producing a range of good value for money processors which often excel in different areas such as thermal performance and low power draw. Today we are going to look at three of AMDs latest Athlon II CPUs: the X2 255, X3 440 and X4 635 as well as the Phenom II X2 555 CPU on an ECS A785GM-AD3 motherboard to find out what performance AMD offer in the sub $120/£99 market segment.

Logitech G9x Laser Mouse Review

by Henry Butt | 09/04/2010

Today we are going to look at the Logitech G9x laser gaming mouse which brings a plethora of interesting features to the table. These include an adjustable weights system, onboard settings profiles and two different grips which are designed to optimise the mouse for different styles of gaming.

Masscool MP-1371RS Media Player

by Danny Moorhead | 15/03/2010

Today we look at the Masscool MP-1371RS media player which is capable of networking the various media stored in computers, external drives and USB storage together and presenting it using a home theatre system.

CAPE 7 ION PC Review

by Henry Butt | 12/03/2010

Today we are going to look at the ultra-small Cape 7 ION PC which uses a single-core ATOM processor alongside its NVIDIA GPU and packs it all into the most compact system we have tested to date.

Dell Inspiron Zino HD Mini-Desktop

by Stuart Davidson | 09/01/2010

Today we are taking a look at Dells latest offering in the mini desktop market. The Zino HD has some impressive specifications on paper with promise of great media features and high performance in other tasks.

Intel Core i5-661 and H55/57 Motherboard Roundup

by Stuart Davidson | 04/01/2010

Today we're taking a look at the Core i5-661 processor along with the new H55/57 chipsets which feature Intel's new onboard graphics chip.

Roundup: Intel DH55TC, Gigabyte P55A-UD3R, ECS H55H-M, Asus P7H57D-V Evo and MSI H57M-ED65.

ASUS K50IN Laptop

by Henry Butt | 15/12/2009

Today we are going to look at the Asus K50IN notebook that is kitted out for menial tasks and multimedia playback. So it provides more power than their netbook range, but significantly less than youll get with one of their gaming-orientated notebooks.

Dell Inspiron 13z

by Zardon | 04/12/2009

We have reviewed many high end gaming systems in the past from both Alienware and parent company Dell, but today we take a look at something slightly different - the new Inspiron 13z. The Inspiron 13z has been designed by Dell to enter into the market just above the 'netbook' sector - for those wanting more versatility, higher quality screens and faster processing speed.

Sapphire HD 5750 Vapor X

by Stuart Davidson | 29/11/2009

Today we have the latest model in the Sapphire Vapor-X family on our test bench, the 5750. We will be taking a look at how it compares to the reference model in areas such as thermal performance, overclocking, GPU computing and real world gameplay. Can the Vapor-X 5750 live up to the reputation of the previous models?

Shuttle XPC SX58H7

by Stuart Davidson | 12/11/2009

The first XPC was released in 2001 and since then Shuttle have continually been upgrading the range to utilise as many desktop features as possible into a compact chassis. One of the latest models to be released is their Core-i7/X58 based system the SX58H7 and today we have one on our test bench to find out if Intels latest architecture is a viable option in a small form factor.

AMD Roundup November 2009

by Stuart Davidson | 04/11/2009

Today we look at the new AMD processors - the revised Phenom II 965 Black Edition and the Athlon II X3 435. We also look at the DFI DK-790FXB-M3H5 and the stunning new Sapphire Vapor X 5870 and watercooled Powercolor 5870 LCS.

Alienware OptX AW2210 Monitor & TactX Headset

by Danny Moorhead | 25/10/2009

We've already taken a look and the TactX Keyboard and Mouse, today we have on review their OptX HD Monitor and TactX Headset. Is this outside the box thinking from Alienware good enough to match up with components inside the box of many higher end systems? Let's take a look...

ROCCAT Kone Gaming Mouse // Taito Gaming Surface

by Henry Butt | 23/10/2009

Today we are going to look at the Kone which is ROCCATs first attempt at a gaming mouse boasting a whole host of features including a unique weights system and customisable gaming profiles.

Cooler Master Sentinel Mouse & Gaming Surfaces

by Henry Butt | 14/10/2009

Today were going to look at the Cooler Master Storm Sentinel Laser Gaming Mouse which boasts up to 5600 DPI with customisable profiles allowing it to be tailored to your own preferences. It also has an attractive price tag which makes it affordable to casual gamers.

AMD Roundup October 09

by Stuart Davidson | 08/10/2009

Today we take a look at the AMD Athlon II X4 620, Gigabyte GA-MA785GPMT-UD2H, Gigabyte 4650 1GB OC, Gainward 4850 512MB Golden Sample and HIS 4890 1GB iCooler X4.

Auzentech X-Fi Forte and Asus Xonar DS Sound Cards

by Stuart Davidson | 29/09/2009

Today we have two cards from either end of the price spectrum on our test bench to find out what each has to offer. For those who feel their onboard sound is has issues, or anyone with high quality headphones/speakers this article should assist in finding the ideal purchase.

OCZ Agility EX SSD 60GB (SLC)

by Zardon | 24/09/2009

OCZ have just released their latest Agility EX drive which differs from anything we have reviewed in the past because it is the first SLC based SSD drive aimed at a price point to target the mass enthusiast market. While Single Level cell (SLC) and Multi Level Cell (MLC) are similar in design, MLC flash costs considerably less to produce and allow for higher storage density. The benefits with SLC flash drives are that they provide faster write performance and greater reliability ...

Intel Core i5-750 , I7 870 and P55

by Stuart Davidson | 08/09/2009

Today Intel are releasing CPUs based on the Nehalem architecture but with prices and specifications designed to appeal to mainstream consumers. Today we will be putting two of these models through their paces and comparing them to existing i7 CPUs as well as AMDs top Phenom 2 model and the best Core 2 CPU. In addition to that we will cover various memory configurations and throw a handful of the more interesting P55 based motherboards into the mix with two aftermarket coolers.

Alienware TactX Keyboard & Mouse

by Danny Moorhead | 08/09/2009

Alienware proudly released their TactX keyboard and mouse into the US with the UK to shortly follow. DriverHeaven received a production pair and obviously, the TactX name implies a focus on cunning ingenuity and precision, designed to appeal to serious gamers and others who realize it takes great peripherals in addition to a great computer to make an awesome gaming ecosystem.

Silverstone Raven 2 (RV02) Chassis

by Zardon | 06/09/2009

SilverStone are well known in enthusiast circles as being one of the most exquisite designers of modern day computer chassis. Today we are taking a look at their Raven RV02 Chassis - the followup to the RV01 - which we reviewed way back in April of this year. Silverstone have taken onboard specific criticisms of the original case, such as the front door mechanism and the top panel design and have opted for something quite different, yet equally as radical.

Alienware M17x Laptop

by Stuart Davidson | 24/08/2009

Alienware was formed in 1996 and in the first 10-years of their existence the company created a name for themselves in the enthusiast market. It did not matter if a consumer was looking for a high performance desktop, notebook or HTPC system because Alienware had something capable to offer. When combined with futuristic and distinctive styling they have always appealed to discerning users.

QNAP 639 Pro NAS

by Zardon | 19/08/2009

It is quite incredible how many models QNAP release and how often they are updated but this is due to the relatively cheap prices of large mechanical hard drives and end user demand for ever growing storage space. QNAP were established in Taiwan in 2004 and are well known for their build quality and sophisicated software packages. The QNAP TS-639 Pro is based on the same platform as the TS 509 Pro which we reviewed a while ago and as such now supports iSCSI integration as standard.

AMD Roundup August 09

by Stuart Davidson | 13/08/2009

Today is AMD day! We take a look at the new 965 BE which replaces the fantastic 955BE. We also look at a plethora of AMD based motherboards from Asus, Gigabyte, ASRock and ECS as well as the brilliant Sapphire 2GB 4890 graphics card which is aimed at enthusiast users who need a lot of memory for high resolution gaming. Are you looking for a new system? then be sure to check out this review.

Mesh Slayer Elemental

by Zardon | 08/08/2009

Does the combination of high end AMD X4 955 Processor with Coolit Domino, fast OCZ DDR3 memory and ATI 4890 graphics get you excited? If not, then check you have a pulse.

Today we will find out if the Slayer Elemental really is a kick ass gaming machine or if it is just another run of the mill system build hiding behind an attractive flash web site.

Dell XPS 630i

by Zardon | 02/08/2009

Many enthusiast users snigger at the mention of Dell, however at Driverheaven we know there are a percentage of users who either don't have the skillset to build their own computer or who just don't have the time. It is also worth mentioning that with this particular system Dell offer a 3-4 year in home service in the case of any major issues occuring.

Wired2Fire Hellspawn ALC Gaming System

by Nathan Marks | 17/07/2009

Today were going to be looking at the Wired2Fire Hellspawn ALC, a system packed with overclocked components such as the i7 920 D0 processor cooled by a Coolit Domino, ATIs blisteringly fast HD 4890 and a price tag of only £1099

X58 Roundup - July 2009

by Stuart Davidson | 15/07/2009

First up on the review bench is the top model in the Asus P6T desktop family, the P6T Deluxe V2, it competes against two high performance boards from Foxconn, the FlamingBlade and BloodRage GTI. Read on to find out which best meets your requirements in regards to performance and functionality.

Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition CPU

by Stuart Davidson | 03/06/2009

Nehalem EP used the same D0 core as that found in the new 920 which left the top performing 965 processor on the older C0 revision. Rather than change the CPU to bring it up to date Intel are once again pushing the market forward with the release of the Core-i7 975 Extreme Edition and we will be putting it through its paces in a selection of mainly real world tests to establish how much of an improvement it is over the existing models in the range.

Alienware M17x - Exclusive Preview

by Stuart Davidson | 02/06/2009

Today, for the first time, Alienware are allowing an exclusive preview of a new product (only at Driverheaven) prior to it being available for consumers. Is this the laptop of your dreams? - read our preview to read all the juicy details.

Intel Micro-ATX Roundup May 2009

by Stuart Davidson | 22/05/2009

Since the release of Core-i7 there has been a steady release of performance motherboards which allow consumers the opportunity to create a great high specification system. In the past getting the best performance always meant using ATX boards even though technology in just about every other area has been getting more compact.

OCZ Vertex 120GB Solid State Drive

by Grace | 19/05/2009

OCZ have targeted the SSD market in a more aggressive manner than any other manufacturer in the last 12 months, they also halved the retail prices with the release of the Core series, followed by the release of the Core V2 series which utilized a second revision JMicron controller a month later.

Coolermaster V10

by Stuart Davidson | 21/04/2009

For some time now Cooler Master has been releasing larger than life CPU coolers which rarely disappoint and are always competitively priced. Recently they announced the V10, a cooler which features a design inspired by supercharged engines which purportedly cools CPUs with TDP up to 200w.

Is it a step too far, or not far enough? Read on to find out as we compare it to the current market leader, CoolITs Domino A.L.C.

GeForce Graphics Card Roundup - April 2009

by Stuart Davidson | 17/04/2009

Today we take a look at several of the cards based on the GT200 core as well as a GTS 250 to see which offer the best value for gaming and GPU computing tasks. For anyone considering the purchase of a GeForce product in the next few months this article is essential reading.

CyberPower Gamer Ultra Perseus PC

by Nathan Marks | 09/04/2009

Today we are going to look at the CyberPower Gamer Ultra Perseus, an AM3 Phenom II 720 powered rig complete with DDR3 RAM and the powerful ATI HD4870. Featuring their advanced watercooling system.

Novatech Zu PC

by Nathan Marks | 07/04/2009

Novatech are a well known and reputable supplier of computer hardware and accessories in the UK and they sell a range of gadgets and electronics. They have a large offering of prebuilt desktop and laptop machines in their online store and today were going to look at the Novatech Zu, a desktop computer containing ATIs fastest single GPU available on the market today accompanied with a Hyundai W240D 24" LCD display.

Intel Xeon W5580 Cpus and S5520SC Motherboard

by Zardon | 05/04/2009

Today we look at Intel's new highest specification W5580 processors running on the new S5520SC motherboard. Just how smoking fast is this platform and are we about to break a bunch of records in our testing today?

Razer Mamba Gaming Mouse

by Nathan Marks | 19/03/2009

Today were going to look at the Razer Mamba, the first wireless mouse truly designed for the hardcore gamer offering 1ms response and up to 5,600 DPI. Razer have taken years to bring this product to market and promises that it is the real deal.

Gainward GeForce GTS 250 / XFX Radeon HD 4850 XXX

by Stuart Davidson | 02/03/2009

Over the last week or two there has been heated debate online regarding the latest graphics card from Nvidia. This kind of discussion is usually reserved for the latest high end product but in this case it is a mainstream model, the GTS 250.

AMD Phenom 2 X4 810/ X3 720 BE

by Stuart Davidson | 24/02/2009

The one thing which was missing from the AMD line-up was support for DDR3 which Intel have been providing for quite some time, today we look at the first couple of CPUs which resolve that issue.

OCZ Apex 120GB SSD

by Grace | 13/02/2009

The most aggressive company in the SSD market most likely is OCZ, who released no less than six new series of SSD drives during the past seven months. Today we will have a look at one of their mainstream series SSD models, the Apex 120GB. We are going to see how well the latest mainstream MLC SSD drive from OCZ can perform in this review.

X58 Motherboard Round-Up January 09

by Stuart Davidson | 09/01/2009

Last month we took a look at a selection of boards which were released around i7 launch time, some of which were very impressive. Today we have four more X58 based boards from MSI, ECS and Foxconn and we will run each of the boards through a selection of real world tests including media encoding, Photoshop and gaming as well as some overclocking. By the end of this review you should be in no doubt which board best suits your needs when building a new Core i7 system.

Coolit Domino A.L.C.

by Stuart Davidson | 23/12/2008

CoolIT have taken their experience with OEM designs and the rigorous quality and performance standards involved in these builds and used them to create a product which they claim is high performance, feature rich, universally compatible, indestructible, simple-to-install, fail-safe, long lasting and last but not least, extremely affordable.

Cyberpower I7 Poseidon

by Nathan Marks | 21/12/2008

Today we're going to look at the Cyberpower Gamer Infinity i7 Poseidon, a pre-overclocked, watercooled i7 system. With a promising spec sheet this system looks like it will pack an impressive punch. If you like the system after reading our review then we have a special offer, just for DriverHeaven members!

AMD Athlon 7750 Black Edition and Asus M3A78-T

by Stuart Davidson | 12/12/2008

We have to admit to being a little surprised a few weeks ago when AMD emailed us to say our review sample of the new high-end Athlon CPU was on its way. 2006 was the last time we had such an email and since then the Phenom line of processors has been AMDs focus, with a limited number of Sempron models released into the budget marketplace. Today we are looking at the 7750 Black Edition, quite a jump from the current highest model, the 6400+.

X58 Motherboards Round-up December 08

by Stuart Davidson | 11/12/2008

Today we have three boards (Intel, Gigabyte & Asus)on our review bench and we will be running them through a selection of tests, mainly in real world scenarios, to establish which deserves to be the basis for your new Core i7 system. Whether you are an overclocker, video editor, Photoshop professional or gamer... this is the article to read.

Gaming Today: GTX 260 V Radeon 4870

by Stuart Davidson | 21/11/2008

Unless someone wants to spend considerable money there are really only two options for gaming enthusiasts, two cards which provide performance high enough to play the latest games at high detail without requiring a bank loan, the GeForce GTX 260 and Radeon HD 4870 1Gb. The question is, which is the fastest now that many driver revisions have passed since release?

Asus EEE PC 1000H (160GB HD)

by Zardon | 17/11/2008

The model on test today is possibly the best model they produce today, it has a large 160GB hard drive (twice the 80gb model released earlier), a 10inch screen with 1024x600 display and an almost full sized keyboard (around 92%). To top all this, we have bluetooth, wifi, 3 USB ports and VGA out. Combine this with 5 hour+ battery life and we have a winner.

Intel Core i7 & Asus Rampage 2 Extreme

by Stuart Davidson | 01/11/2008

Join us for our review as we cover why the Core i7 is such a great improvement over Core 2 as we put it though numerous tests against the best of the socket 775 CPUs, the X9770. In addition to this we will also look at the best motherboard you are likely to see in some time and if that is not enough, how about some overclocking of the new platform thrown in for fun, can we hit 4ghz on air? Time to find out...

ATI Radeon HD 4830 (Sapphire, Powercolor and HIS)

by Stuart Davidson | 31/10/2008

Just over a week ago ATI launched the Radeon HD 4830 which is the latest card in the 4800 series range and hits the market at around £99/$130. Unfortunately, due to a BIOS issue on the first batch of review sample cards (reference models and some retail branded) the full number of unified shaders was not available and performance was therefore negatively impacted (some reviews you have already read on other publications are actually wrong).

Asus P6T Motherboard Preview (Nehalem)

by Stuart Davidson | 07/10/2008

Given the recent domination of the CPU market by Intel it seems strange to think that they have any need to release new CPU models. Today we look at a hot new motherboard from Asus which supports the upcoming Intel Nehalem platform.

ATI Radeon HD 4550

by Stuart Davidson | 06/10/2008

Today's review subject, the Radeon HD 4550, which sits nicely between the 3450 and 4650 in ATIs product catalogue and competes directly against the GeForce 9400 GT. In this review we will be comparing those two cards in a selection of the latest games as well as seeing how each fairs in some high definition playback tests.

Qnap TS-509 Pro NAS

by Zardon | 12/09/2008

QNAP are a company well known for making class leading NAS system for home and office use. Today we are testing the newest device in their range the TS-509 Pro which features support for 5TB as well as 2 x Gigabit RJ-45 ethernet ports.

Cyberpower Gamer Infinity Quad Elite

by Zardon | 03/09/2008

How does a watercooled, overclocked Q9550, ATI HD 4870 X2, 4GB of DDR2 ram, 750 GB Sata II HDD with a 780W PSU all running on an Asus P5Q Pro P45 motherboard sound? What if they sweetened the deal by throwing in the gorgeous Hiper Anubis Case?

Apple MacBook Air

by Zardon | 24/08/2008

It is not often we review a Macintosh product on DriverHeaven and although we are late to the table we felt it would be an interesting novelty for our readers to have a look at probably the sexiest laptop ever made, the MacBook Air.

Motherboard Round-Up August 2008

by Stuart Davidson | 21/08/2008

Today we will be comparing eight motherboards for Intel processors and showing how each performs as well as looking at the features they have to offer. Tests include gaming, media playback, image manipulation and more, so by the end of the article we should be a bit better placed to know which chipset or board is ideal for consumers using Intel processors.

Budget Graphics Card Roundup

by Grace | 08/08/2008

Today we will have a look at the gaming performance of seven different budget graphics card products from various manufacturers. The products on test today are all priced between £20 and £70, yet the performance differences between them are vast, making some usable only for HTPC use and 2D gaming while others can be used to power a relatively decent gaming machine.

XFX Motherboard Roundup

by Stuart Davidson | 02/08/2008

XFX offered us the opportunity to review a number of their value segment motherboards with onboard graphics, they told us that their products were capable of taking on the best AMD and Intel had to offer. This is quite a claim so after tracking down some impressive AM2/Socket 775 boards we put XFX to their word.

Alienware m15x

by Zardon | 25/07/2008

Alienware have always produced some of the sleekist sexiest laptops known to geekdom and with their latest M15x this tradition is set to continue. There is no doubt in my mind by looking at the sensual curves of the Alienware that they have crafted something rather special.

Asus GTX 280 TOP Vs. XFX GTX 280 XXX

by Stuart Davidson | 08/07/2008

Today we have factory overclocked cards from each of these manufacturers and we will be putting them head to head in a variety of tests including gaming at 2560x1600, high definition playback and ‘PhysX calculations. In addition to this we will also take a look at how each of the cards compares to various other products which are available on the market, including the Geforce GTX 260, and Radeon 4870.

AMD Phenom 9850 & 8750, Athlon 4850e and

by Stuart Davidson | 06/05/2008

It has been some time since we reviewed an AMD processor on Driver Heaven, but quite a lot has happened since then with the release of various CPU revisions, as well as triple core, the 780G chipset and further energy efficient Athlon models. So today it is time to catch up with the current range of AMD products starting with the Phenom 9850.

Midrange Graphics Card Round Up

by Stuart Davidson | 11/04/2008

Today we take a look at a plethora of mid range graphics cards available to you, the consumer. The cards in the lineup today are: Zotac 9600 GT Amp! Edition, Gainward Bliss 9600 GT, Asus EN9600GT, XFX 9600 GT XXX, Palit 9600GT Sonic, Gainward 8800 GTS Golden Sample (Goes Like Hell), Zotac 8800 GT 1GB, Asus 3850 OC Gear. Which one is worth your money?

9800 GTX/X2 and 3870 Roundup

by Stuart Davidson | 31/03/2008

No, its not an April's fools joke, today we have yet another launch from Nvidia, the new 9800 GTX which is set to replace the 8800 GTX of old. Not content with just reviewing the new GTX however we have several new GX2's as well as a kick ass new Asus 3870 X2 in our test labs today.

Cebit 2008 - Day 3

by Stuart Davidson | 07/03/2008

In our final Cebit roundup for 2008 we will be taking a look at the Asus, Corsair, and Razer stands as well as some other products we missed on previous days. Let's get started.

Cebit 2008 - Day 2

by Stuart Davidson | 06/03/2008

Yesterday we brought you coverage from various companies at Cebit and today we have been trawling the show looking in more detail at a few of the larger manufacturers. Here are some of the highlights.

Cebit 2008 - Day 1

by Stuart Davidson | 05/03/2008

Driver Heaven has been out and about at Cebit 08, here are some of the highlights from our wanderings on Day 1. Drop by our forums to let us know what you think looks great or even what you think looks completely pointless!

XFX 8800 GS XXX / Sapphire HD 3850

by Stuart Davidson | 12/02/2008

With the recent release of the Radeon 3850 and GeForce 8800 GS there is a new battle taking place for consumers with a budget of £100-£140 and today we have two such cards on our test bench, the XFX 8800 GS XXX 384Mb and the Sapphire 3850 256Mb. Which deserves your money?

Intel Skulltrail Platform

by Zardon | 11/02/2008

Skulltrail. Even the name sounds mean. If you haven't heard the codename before now then we have a treat in store for you today. Skulltrail is a high end desktop PC platform based on Xeon class workstation processors. How does Dual Cpu, 8 Cores, four graphics card slots, dual 1600mhz front side buses with a total of 25.6 GB/s of bandwidth grab you?

Abit and EQS MicroATX Review

by Stuart Davidson | 07/08/2007

AMD's 690G chipset has proven to be very successful with a wide array of microATX boards currently available covering various price points and feature sets. At the time of our original review we found the 690G products to be impressive performers when compared to the Nvidia based GeForce 6050 and nForce 430 chipsets. However since then Nvidia have released an updated motherboard solution which features updated onboard graphics and Southbridge. Today we are taking a look at a high specification 690G motherboard from EQS and comparing it to Abit’s new AN-M2HD which utilizes the Nvidia 7050PV/NF630a feature set.


by Stuart Davidson | 16/04/2005

Last week we brought you a preview of the ASUS P5RD1-V Deluxe motherboard which looked specifically at the feature set of the board including the first onboard DirectX9 chipset for Intel. As the sample we received was a pre production board we refrained from publishing any information on performance as it may not have fully represented the abilities of the shipping product. Since then however we have received a retail sample of the P5RD1-V (non deluxe) which is basically the same board minus the onboard TV tuner and we’ve run it through its paces in a number of tests.

ATI Radeon Xpress 200 Series Preview

by Stuart Davidson | 08/11/2004

ATI have been building a great reputation on the Intel Chipset front over the last 3 years and on that platform have arguably the best chipsets with features like onboard graphics being far ahead of the competitor’s solution. The new Radeon Xpress chipset however is designed for AMD socket 754 and 939.

Asus A7N8X

by Chaos | 15/01/2003

The A7N8X is ASUS's entry into the nForce2 chipset market. It supports a Dual Channel DDR400 memory bus, 8x AGP, 6-channel Dolby Sound (SoundStorm), and the only onboard 5.1 Dolby Digital encoder available in a chipset.