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Corsair Vengeance Pro 1866MHz (2x8GB) Memory Kit Review

by James Reed | 19/07/2013

In our roundup last week we took a look at a range of high end Z87 boards which were ideal to build a performance based Haswell system on. Of course as well as our board and CPU we need a great kit of memory to help us maximise performance. Corsair aim to do exactly that with their new Vengeance Pro modules and today we have a 16GB kit on our test bench.

G.Skill Trident X DDR3-2933MHz Memory Review

by Stuart Davidson | 03/07/2013

To go with our new Intel Haswell/4th Gen Core CPU and high end Z87 board we also need a bunch of high end memory and that is exactly what G.Skill look to provide with their Trident X 2933MHz sticks.

AMD Richland APU Launch Review: A10-6800K and A10-6700

by Stuart Davidson | 05/06/2013

To tie in with Computex which takes place in Taiwan this week AMD are following Intels launch of "Haswell" with their own refresh. That comes in the form of "Richland", a new range of APUs which look to enhance what we have seen from the current generation "Trinity" parts. Today we take two of AMDs new "Richland" APUs through a selection of platform and gaming tests which include media playback and conversion, Crysis 3, Grid 2 and even a peek at PCMark 8.

4th Gen Intel Core i7-4770K Processor Review feat. Gigabyte G1.Sniper 5 Motherboard

by Stuart Davidson | 01/06/2013

We will be taking a look at the new i7-4770K and combining it with Gigabytes new G1.Sniper 5 which is about as extreme a socket 1150 board as you will find at launch (including upgradable audio components on-board). These products will be put up against the previous generation i7-3770K, enthusiast X79 system and the fastest AMD has to offer too in a selection of platform and gaming tests which include Crysis 3, Grid 2 and even a peek at the soon to be released PCMark 8.

Kingston HyperX Genesis Quad Channel 2400MHz DDR3 Review

by Stuart Davidson | 01/12/2011

Today's review product comes from the high end of the performance spectrum and is a kit designed for Intels X79 platform, though it will also work on dual channel boards. With an advertised speed of 2400MHz we put the latest Kingston HyperX modules through a selection of real world and synthetic tests.

Z68 DDR3 Memory Roundup July 2011

by Stuart Davidson | 08/07/2011

Today we are going to look at Intel's mainstream chipset and put 5 different memory kits through their paces in a selection of real world and synthetic tests on Z68.

X58 DDR3 Memory Roundup June 2011

by Stuart Davidson | 15/06/2011

Every so often though we like to take a look at what the major manufacturers have to offer, something which will be particularly relevant for those building a new system or wondering how they can get some extra zip from an existing build and today is one of those days. We'll be using our high end X58 build to look at kits which each have their own unique selling points to find out what Corsair, Crucial, G.Skill, Kingston and Patriot have to offer in the triple channel DDR3 market.

Corsair Vengeance DDR3 1600MHz 12GB Kits Review

by Stuart Davidson | 14/12/2010

As DDR3 has evolved the opportunity for manufacturers to create high performance 12GB kits has drawn closer and today one of the major players in this industry, Corsair, have sent us their new DDR3-1600 12GB triple channel kit to test. In fact we have two of these and thanks to a very aggressive price they should be within reach of most consumers building (or upgrading) an X58/i7 based system. Are they worth buying? Let's find out.

G.Skill Pi DDR3-2200 and Eco DDR3-1600

by Stuart Davidson | 05/02/2010

Today we have two sets of memory from G.Skill on our test bench, the high performane Pi series DDR3-2200 and a 1.35v set from the Eco series running at DDR3-1600.

DDR3 Tri-Channel Roundup - June 2009

by Stuart Davidson | 16/06/2009

In the past few months it has been clear that memory manufacturers have mastered high specification triple channel kits with those like Corsairs Dominator-GT really impressing us. So today we have two more kits on our test bench from OCZ and G.Skill, both of which are capable of running at 2000MHz. Added to this we have a set of memory from Kingston which is one of the few that favours volume over extreme speed, their product gives us three 4GB sticks in one kit for a total of 12GB.

Corsair, Crucial and Patriot DDR3-1600 (Core-i7)

by Stuart Davidson | 17/02/2009

As our i7 launch article demonstrated there were some massive increases to be had from the new triple channel memory architecture in both theoretical and real world tests. Since the release of i7 and X58 motherboards a large number of triple channel kits have hit the market and today we have three of the more impressive versions on our test bench. Each will be put through a selection of real world tests to find out which of them is worthy of your hard earned cash.

ASRock X48 TurboTwins-WiFi Mainboard

by Vikingod | 01/08/2008

Today we are taking a look at the ASRock X48TurboTwins-WiFi. Based on the Intel X48 + ICH9R chipsets, this motherboard supports up to 8GB of Dual Channel DDR3 1600 and up to 4GB of Dual Channel DDR2 1066, ATI Crossfire, and WiFi-802.11g.

OCZ/Kingston 14400 DDR3

by Stuart Davidson | 15/02/2008

When you want to buy the fastest hardware there is always a premium. In the DDR3 memory market the fastest available components right now are 1866MHz modules with CAS 8 timings or 1800MHz products with CAS 7 timings. That said, there are however a number of 1800MHz modules rated at CAS 8 which are considerably less expensive. Today we are looking at two such products from OCZ and Kingston to find out how much performance we give away when pitted against Corsairs CAS 7 Dominator modules. We will also find out if the review products can in fact match, or exceed, the more expensive sticks when overclocked. If successful it would make these products excellent value for money.

Intel Skulltrail Platform

by Zardon | 11/02/2008

Skulltrail. Even the name sounds mean. If you haven't heard the codename before now then we have a treat in store for you today. Skulltrail is a high end desktop PC platform based on Xeon class workstation processors. How does Dual Cpu, 8 Cores, four graphics card slots, dual 1600mhz front side buses with a total of 25.6 GB/s of bandwidth grab you?


by Zardon | 18/01/2004

The memory is given the title "universal" DDR due to its ability to run CAS2 @ 200/400mhz as well as a quite spectacular 2.5 CAS at the top rated 533mhz.