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CPU Cooler Roundup July 2010 Part 2

by Stuart Davidson - 24th July 2010
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CPU Cooler Roundup - Corsair, Titan and Cooler Master

Corsair A70 Cooler

The packaging used by Corsair on their A70 cooler is very similar to the A50, giving plenty of product information and showing a good, clear picture of the cooler. Inside we find the heatsink protected by foam and a similar bundle to the A50 is present, adding to it some extra fan adapter cables and some spare rubber fan mounts.

Corsair use the same 120x120x25mm fan on the A70 however this model is bundled with two which are used in a push/pull configuration. As before they have rubber mounts holding the fans in the shroud and rubber sections within this reduce vibrations which would normally pass into the heatsink. The addition of a second fan increases airflow to 50-61CFM with noise levels listed at 26-31.5dBA

Shown in the first image above is a comparison of the A50 (left) and A70 (right) which has larger dimpled aluminium fins. The A70 also adds a 4th 8mm copper heatpipe and increases the dimensions of the heatsink to 159.5x124.6x129mm. As with the A50 the finish on the A70, including the direct contact heatpipes on the base, is flawless.
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