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Alienware M11x R2 Review

by Stuart Davidson - 6th August 2010
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Alienware M11x R2 Review

Direct Comparison with M11x R1

One of the big questions for those wondering how different the M11x R2 is to the original model is how do they compare in performance. For this test we have taken our original results from the first M11x and compared them to the new model using the same software versions. The CPU in our original M11x was the dual core SU7300 which ran at 1.3GHz using 800MHz memory.

Benchmark Results

Benchmark Results

Clearly performance of the two systems will vary depending on the CPU option selected at checkout however it is very clear that when we compare the two systems we have had access to, the i5 based machine is faster. This is mainly down to the inclusion of Turbo Mode but architecture changes such as the new memory specification do help.

Other areas where we noted significant performance benefits from the new model were HD playback and Photoshop use.
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