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Intel Core i5-760 and ECS P55H-AK Review

by Stuart Davidson - 21st August 2010
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Intel Core i5-760 Review

StarCraft 2 (CPU/GPU)

The revolutionary strategy title returns with a highly polished sequel that focuses on the events set four years after the Brood Wars. Taking control of Jim Raynor and a rag-tag bunch of mercenaries and rebels it is up to you to not only liberate the remaining Terran colonies from tyranny but also to fend off attacks from aliens intent on eradicating what is left of the human race once and for all. Players are expected to manage their resources, develop technology and defend their bases, all in real time, in a sprawling single player campaign that sees increasing difficulty as it progresses. Those wanting a real challenge can take it online and compete head-to-head with other players in one of the most fast-paced and challenging competitive games created.

Testing was performed at 2560x1600 with no anti-aliasing or anisotropic filtering; maximum in-game settings were enabled.




On the last two pages we saw the XFX 5770 CrossFire kit, combined with these midrange CPUs, provide us with impressive performance at 1680x1050 on Crysis: Warhead and 1920x1200 in Aliens Vs. Predator. For the biggest game of the year so far, StarCraft 2, we are able to go one step further and play at 2560x1600 with Ultra detail.

Looking at the CPU impact on the game, once again we see the Intel processors providing the best performance with the i5-760 unsurprisingly just edging out the 750.
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