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NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 Graphics Card Review

by Stuart Davidson - 13th September 2010
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NVIDIA GTS 450 Review featuring Gigabyte, Gainward and Zotac

NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450 Launch Review

When NVIDIA released their first Fermi based cards, the GTX 480 and 470, they delivered to market a set of cards which offered consumers a good set of features and performance however these did come at the cost of high power use, noise and temperatures. This trend continued when the GTX 465 was released however just a couple of months ago things changed significantly when the GTX 460 launched. The GTX 460 kept the same feature-set as the higher specification cards but brought with it much lower power use, far lower temperatures and a near silent cooler. It was one of those cards which very much shook up the market at its price point and since then we have seen some manufacturers create exceptional factory overclocked versions.

Today NVIDIA are launching the next GF100 series GPU in the form of the GTS 450, designed for gamers who want to play at 1680x1050 or 1920x1080 with a little anti-aliasing it keeps all the features found in the GTX 460 with a redesigned GPU which allows it to hit a lower price point. Today we will be putting three GTS 450s through their paces in a selection of real world gaming tests which include PhysX and 3D Vision. In addition to that we also take a look at the GPU Computing potential and fire up a Blu-Ray 3D title to check out the acceleration performance offered by the GTS 450.

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