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NVIDIA Surround featuring 3D Vision

by Stuart Davidson - 16th September 2010
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NVIDIA Surround featuring 3D Vision and the Zotac GTX 480 AMP! in SLI

Overclocking, Power, Temperatures and Noise

To give a complete overview of the Zotac GTX 480 AMP! Edition we have taken readings from the card when it comes to temperatures, noise and power use.

For power and noise readings the entire use of the system is measured. To provide a baseline we ran the same components with a passively cooled Radeon 5350 prior to the testing below and it registered the following readings:

130w Idle (43.1dBA)
154w Load

  Zotac GeForce
GTX 480 AMP!
Zotac GeForce
Idle Power 184w 262w
Load Power 488w 823w
Idle Temp 40°C 43/41°C
Load Temp
84°C 86/84°C
Load Noise 47.5dBA 48.3dBA

When looking at the thermal, noise and power performance of the Zotac cards we have a set of results which compare favourably to the reference design. Idle and load power barely change, despite the overclock and temperatures fall significantly from the standatd 90+ celcuis thanks to the Zalman cooler. The use of this cooler also allows Zotac to reduce noise levels by 10dBA in SLI mode when compared to a pair of reference cards.

  Stock Max OC
Zotac GeForce GTX 480 AMP! 756/950 775/990

As the AMP! Edition is already overclocked when it leaves the factory we didn't expect too much from it in this test. An increase of 20MHz core and 40MHz memory is reasonable as it takes us to 75/90MHz above stock.
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