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ASRock X58 Extreme6 and Intel Core i7-970 Review

by Stuart Davidson - 1st October 2010
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ASRock X58 Extreme6 Motherboard Review featuring the Intel Core i7-970 Processor

Dual Card Gaming - F1 2010 (2x Radeon 5870)

F1 2010 was tested at 5760x1080 with 4x anti-aliasing. All in game details were set to their maximum level.



Given the huge flexibility of the Extreme6 in terms of GPU configurations and solid backup from i7 processors and up to 24GB of high speed DDR3 running multi-screen gaming is without doubt something that is within reach of consumers who purchase these components. For this reason we set up a CrossFire system and connected it to three 23" 1920x1080 screens in Eyefinity mode. This allowed us to test Codemasters new DirectX 11 racing title, F1 2010, at 5760x1080.

When running at this ultra-high resolution on the Extreme6 and i7-970 the performance achieved by our system is excellent, never falling below 36 frames per second. This ensures smooth gameplay thoughout.

Here is a screenshot showing how F1 2010 looks at our tested settings:

Click here to view the full-size screenshot (5760x1080)
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