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Zotac ZBox (HD-ID11) Mini PC Review

by Stuart Davidson - 8th October 2010
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GPU Enhanced Performance

In this test we take a custom 1920x1080 file and convert it using Badaboom to the highest quality iPod format.


In this test we take a 640x480 file from an aging digital camera and run it through various enhancements on vReveal to improve the quality of the content.


On the last page we talked about the good encoding performance which we can achieve with the ZBOX. This can be increased further thanks to the CUDA capabilities of the ION GPU. As with video playback we can pass some of the workload to the GPU which reduces encoding time and in our test conversion from a 1080 resolution file to iPod format using Badaboom we are able to cut the time taken from over 8 minutes to under 5.

These are not the only tasks that the ION can assist with though. Using vReveal we are able to enhance low quality video files such as those from mobile phones or digital cameras and reduce the processing time. If a user has any video which is shaky, dark, fuzzy, etc then vReveal and an NVIDIA GPU can improve each of these aspects and more (for free!). When running the program on our 640x480 file the ION assisted task completes over a minute faster than working on the CPU only.
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