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Value SSD Roundup October 2010

by Stuart Davidson - 15th October 2010
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Value SSD Roundup October 2010

OCZ Onyx 32GB

OCZ provide their Onyx drive in a plastic packet and inside a cardboard section with product information and installation/warranty guide.

OCZ are another manufacturer who use a sturdy metal casing on their SSD and attached to the top is a sticker which gives the model name for this drive. This drive has reliability specifications of 1.5 million hours MTBF and a shock resistance of 1500G. Turning the unit over we find another sticker which gives information on the drive including a note that the 2-year warranty is void if opened.

After opening the drive we find the Indilinx Amigos based controller which is essentially a cut down version of the Barefoot chip used on higher priced drives. Beside the controller is an 64MB Elpidia chip, used for the drives Cache and also attached to PCB are eight 4GB Intel 34nm MLC NAND flash chips. These give the drive a formatted capacity of 29.8GB in Windows 7.

OCZ rate the Onyx 32GB at 125MB/s read with write at 70MB/s and TRIM, in operating systems such as Windows 7, is supported. Finally, as well as this 32GB model OCZ also offer 64 and 128GB versions with increased speed.

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