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SteelSeries Spectrum 5XB Gaming Headset Review

by Stuart Kerley - 24th November 2010
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SteelSeries Spectrum 5XB Headset Review

SteelSeries Spectrum 5XB Gaming Headset Review

SteelSeries are well known for their PC gaming peripherals including keyboards and top of the range headsets. In fact we have reviewed many of them in the past, including the Gold Award winning Shift Keyboard and 7H Headset. Now they are branching into cross platform support with the new Spectrum 5XB which is premium quality wired headset designed for the XBOX 360 gaming market.

Today we'll be putting the Spectrum 5XB through its paces and seeing if it up holds the usual high standard we have come to expect from SteelSeries equipment and whether it is an ideal solution for 360 owners.

  • Cross Platform
  • Independent Volumes
  • SteelSeries LiveMix™
  • XL-Sized Ear Cushions
  • Pull-Out Microphone
  • Braided Cable
  • Travel Friendly
  • Custom Soundscape
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