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AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition Review vs Intel Core i7-950

by Stuart Davidson - 7th December 2010
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AMD Phenom II X6 1100T Black Edition Processor Review vs Intel Core i7-950

HardwareHeaven Photoshop V3 Benchmark (64-bit)

Most people are tired of running 3dmark and Pcmark and similar benchmarks, while these are visually attractive benchmarks they are not in many cases indicative of real world situations, this is not the case with Photoshop. This is a real world application with a myriad of uses appealing to all users from digital photographers to budding graphic designers. It is also a wonderful test of all round system performance, specifically memory bandwidth and CPU processing power. For full information and links to download this bench for yourself and to compare scores with other HardwareHeaven members, head over here - Photoshop Benchmark.

We are using Photoshop CS5 64-bit for this testing.

  Phenom II X6
1100T BE
Intel Core
1: Texturiser (I): 1.9 0.9
2: CYMK Colour Conversion: 0.7 1.1
3: RGB Colour Conversion: 1.0 1.0
4: Ink Outlines: 17.4 17.1
5: Dust and Scratches: 1.7 1.4
6: Watercolour: 17.3 17.0
7: Texturiser (II): 2.0 0.9
8: Stained Glass: 13.5 10.4
9: Lighting: 1.5 1.4
10: Mosaic: 9.5 7.7
11: Extrude: 66.9 52.9
12: Smart Blur: 45.1 45.4
13: Underpainting: 26.2 18.2
14: Palette: 23.0 14.8
15: Sponge: 23.2 23.8
Total 250.9 214.0

We have been performing real world testing with Photoshop for a number of years now and throughout that time we have seen Intel processors outperform the equivalent AMD part. That continues to be the case with these two models as the software does not yet take advantage of the additional cores present on the Phenom but AMD are closing the gap all the time with their clock speed increases.
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