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MSI E350IA-E45 AMD Fusion Motherboard Review

by Stuart Davidson - 22nd January 2011
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MSI E350IA-E45 Motherboard Review

Discrete GPUs / 3DMark 11 / Fallout: New Vegas

To test the performance of a discrete GPU on the motherboards we are using 3DMark 11 set to Performance mode for a single 6870 GPU.


For real world performance we have chosen to run Fallout New Vegas at 1152x648 (16:9) with low detail and HDR on.



As there is a PCIe slot available on the MSI E350IA-E45 we felt it interesting to see how the system performed with a reasonably high end card installed, even if it was running at x4 speed. The result for 3DMark is shown above and essentially tells us that the low end Fusion CPUs limit the potential of a 6870, no surprise there. Fallout New Vegas performed reasonably well though and with a few more detail tweaks would be perfectly playable. In truth, it was enjoyable at these settings.

Here is how the game looked at our tested settings.

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