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Archos 101 Android Internet Tablet Review

by Stuart Davidson - 15th February 2011
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Archos 101 Internet Tablet Review

Archos 101 Android Internet Tablet Review

It is hard to believe that an operating system which started out in September 2008 now sells on more smartphones than all of the established players, including Symbian, iOS and Blackberry but that is the case as of Q3 2010. As well as this fantastic growth in the phone market Android has also become the OS of choice in the tablet market and while Apple can still claim to have the best-selling device in the shape of their iPad the sheer number of tablets available means there is a huge platform out there for Google's OS.

Of course a large number of devices on an open OS don't always guarantee quality and there is a huge variation in the specifications available for Android tablets. From ultra-low end devices which use the ageing 1.x version of the OS with minimal storage, memory, CPU and resistive screen to higher end models such as the Samsung Galaxy tab and upcoming Motorola Xoom. This makes buying a tablet a very complicated process as consumers try to wade through lists of features and specifications while working out if the high end models are really worth the extra money.

One company who are known for their quality mobile devices are Archos and a couple of months back they announced their own up to date range of Android tablets, the 70 and 101. These devices are based on Android 2.2 (currently) and aim to provide a better quality of product than the cheaper tablets while aiming to get close to the performance of the Tab. Today we are looking at the 101 to find out if it offers an acceptable level of quality, performance and features for those who don't see the Tab (or Xoom) as value for money.
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