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Intel 510 Series 250GB SSD Review

by Stuart Davidson - 11th March 2011
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Intel Solid-State Drive 510 Series (250GB) Review

Intel 510 Series 250GB Solid State Drive Review

The SSD marketplace has been one area of the PC industry which has seen constant evolution over the past few years. We started with some less than stellar first generation models which promised more than they could deliver and now, several generations later, we have SATA 3 models becoming the main basis for new products.

Throughout that time Intel has been producing their own models and their original drives were some of the best available at their time of launch. This wasn't down to raw speed, though they were noticeably better than mechanical drives or first gen SSDs, it was due to excellent stability, compatibility and reliability. In fact, we still have one of the original 50nm models running in one of our systems without issue over 2 years after we first received it... especially impressive when numerous Indilinx based drives have died in shorter timescales.

Having said that, the market has left Intel behind a little and other than some new budget orientated models there was little to report on in terms of their SSD products. Today though that changes as we have a sample of their new 510 series SSD connected to our test system. The latest range from Intel brings their SSD platform right up to date with high end specifications and today we will find out how it compares to models such as Crucials C300, Corsairs F240 and even the OCZ Vertex 3 in a selection of synthetic and real world tests.
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