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MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 18th March 2011
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MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop Review

MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop - External Appearance (Closed)

MSI have clearly put a lot of thought into the styling of the GX660R, making a unique looking system which stands out even against models from manufacturers such as Alienware. It uses a very angular design and the lid is a black, high shine finish with the MSI logo (which lights up) in the centre. There are various silver trims around the sides, and top with a textured surface near the back of the lid.

The GX660R measures 396x269x55mm and weighs 3.5kg.

MSI spread the systems connectivity around the edges of the system and starting with left side we have two USB 3.0 (NEC), card reader, USB 2.0 and ExpressCard. The main exhaust vent is located on the left side also and turning round to the right we find an optical drive (in this case a Blu-Ray combo TS-LB23A), second USB 2.0 port and our 3.5mm audio in/out connectors for the Realtek 7.1 chipset.

Round at the back of the GX660R we find a vent and almost in the centre is power in socket. Beside this we have a Realtek GB-LAN port, VGA out, eSATA and HDMI 1.3 which is able to pass through audio as well as video.

The base of the system features various vents which allow air into the system a single panel lifts off to reveal the majority of our internal components.
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