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MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 18th March 2011
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MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop Review

MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop - External Appearance (Opened)

The unique appearance of the GX660R continues once open. At the top of the system is a 720p capable webcam with microphone is discretely positioned beside this. The display used on this model is a 15.6" inch Full HD backlit LED model with resolution of 1920x1080.

The Keyboard on the GX660R features low profile keys with the WASD highlighted, a nod to the systems gaming potential. It has a full num-pad on the right and towards the front of the system is textured hand rest which MSI call "checkered totem" and a tactile feel continues as the Synaptics multi-touch capable pad has a metal style surround with brushed metal mouse buttons. This is also the area where we find the various system status LEDs which light up orange when on.

Above the keyboard we find a touch panel which allows us to control some of the systems key functionality. The first area has a user configurable section "P1" which lets us set an application to launch, next is "Turbo" which applies a MSI approved overclock, our fan button is next and sends the internal cooling to 100%. On the other side of the power button we have sections which enable/disable Bluetooth V2 EDR, Intel wireless LAN (B/G/N) and toggle the on-board lighting and power profiles.

Sitting at the edge of the system are our two Dynaudio speakers and a small bass port is located on the base of the system.
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