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MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop Review

by Stuart Davidson - 18th March 2011
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MSI GX660R Gaming Laptop Review

Platform Benchmarks (Memory Bandwidth, SATA, USB)

SiSoft Sandra allows us to see how a system performs in a set of synthetic tests which ensure repeatable comparisons across a wide range of products.



USB 3.0
To test the USB performance of the products we connected an OCZ Enyo portable SSD and tested read and write speeds on the systems USB 3.0 ports.


Looking first at the memory performance of the memory in our GX660R we see a result which is in line with a Core i5 CPU and dual channel architecture. Those who decide to install an i7 CPU in the system will have access to the additional channel and bandwidth should rise to over 13GB/s, depending on the components used. Hard drive performance is particularly strong for a mechanical setup, 200MB/s read is more than double many laptops and the write performance is not far behind this. Finally we have USB 3.0 where the system has no trouble exceeding 150MB/s, a huge increase on the 30MB/s read and write limit of USB 2.0 ports.
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