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Tt eSports Black Element Gaming Mouse Review

by Stuart Kerley - 18th March 2011
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Tt esports Black Element Gaming Mouse Review

Tt eSports Black Element Gaming Mouse

The Black Element measures 123.8 x 66.7 x 41.6mm, has rubber coating and features Omron switch buttons with a chunky scroll wheel. The main left and right click buttons are wide and are designed with a subtle U shape and beneath the scroll wheel are two other buttons which by default are set to change the DPI.

On the left hand side of the mouse we find three buttons, two larger and one small. These buttons sit above a rubberised curved side and running to the back of the mouse is a stripe that is part of the Black Element lighting. On the right hand side of the mouse there is a single button and the lighting stripe is mirrored to match the left side of the mouse.

Underneath the Black Element are four non-stick feet and the weight-in heel. The weight-in feature is a removable section that includes 5 weights housed in a solid rubber block. Any one of these weights can be taken out which provides us with control over the weight of the mouse.

Also on the base is a 6500DPI sensor which has 1000Hz polling.

The Black Element is quite a long mouse and is also reasonably slim. The lighting effects (5 colours available) on the Black Element are very nice, along with the stripes on the left and right hand side which we mentioned above the scroll wheel also lights up as does the Tt logo.

Finally the Black Element is provided with a 1.8m braided USB cable, which includes a gold plated connector.
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